Well, we have had a very rough week.  Beginning last Sunday night our sweet baby girl AJ began having respitory issues and got in very serious respitory distress.  We made an emergency visit to the vet early morning Monday.  Our vet was able to relieve her distress with meds.  My husband and I brought her home and stayed home from work in case she got into trouble again.  She seemed to have recovered sufficiently to return to the vet office per the vet recommendation so that we could get some clear x rays. 


Our vet found that AJ had a mass in her lung.  We brought her home as she was not in distress.  She was stable Tuesday and had a great day Wednesday.  By Thursday she was sleeping a lot and passed peacefully Thursday mid morning. 


So thankful we had 12 of her 15 years with us and she passed at home, which loved so dearly. 



Bye Baby Girl you are sorely missed.  ^,,^

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So sorry for your loss. I found this quote comforting when I went thru this a couple months ago. 

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss

Dear all,


Thank you all so much for the tremendous outpouring.  We are getting a little better each day but still have overwhelming moments.  We are so thankful for all of the love and great times that we shared with our baby girl and miss her more than we thought possible.  Thankful for the good times and we know that we will see her again with angel wings on her dear back. 


Thank you all for your support.

Michelle, Tony and Junior......^..^

So sorry for you loss Michelle, healing corgi prayers headed your way. RIP AJ. Give Ginny a hug for me.

She was a beautiful girl, im so sorry for your loss

Our thoughts are with you....I know how hard this is....

So very sorry for your lose.  Most of us have had to go threw a loss of a loved pet.  Seems nothing fills that hurt. At least  AJ was home in happy familiar surroundings.  Hugs to you all.

so sorry for your loss.  sounds like a very peaceful end to a beautiful life. 


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