Two females (sister) being given up because someone is moving??!?! but keeping the 3rd dog?!?! and a cat?! (Florida)

Corgi-heeler mix in Dallas: (Texas)

11-year old female in NC: (North Carolina)

"Accidental Breeding" with 4 corgi puppies: (Alabama)

I wish more people did not believe pets are disposable. Or didn't breed so irresponsibly. But if anyone in these areas is looking for a corgi, these pups could use some love.

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Unfortunately, they are the "it" dog now because of the internet. Lots of people wanting Corgis who don't know too much about them.

Exactly, Corgi's have become the new Cocker Spaniel, Dalmation, and Golden Retriever.

Ugh, animals are not a "trend" or "accessory" or any other gross thing...just such callous disregard for animals.

I wish we could scoop them all up and bring them home, my house is too small.

I agree. It's sad to see this happen. We get a lot of dogs being given away up here thanks to the military. The families get pets then give them up when they get relocated. does seem they are all over now.  Wonder if that 007 movie featuring the Queen and her dogs sparked something?  Never know what people will take a fancy to after seeing a movie or TV show.

How I wish I could send my daughter the links for the puppies in AL but she is just not in a position to take on a dog, puppy or adult, right now.  I know that is killing her...we always had dogs and cats.

Wanted to see if there were any in my area.  One in Seaford, NY...sad story and I would rid of the boyfriend fi


omg that's disgusting! i would definitely dump the boyfriend without a second thought.

what kind of person makes you get rid of your pet, anyway?!

I agree! get rid of the boyfriend!  I would always make my dates meet my dog on the 2nd or 3rd date when they picked me up.  If Sandy didn't like them . . . then I wouldn't continue to date them.  Consequently I never had any boyfriends:) but when I brought my now husband over to meet my dog, she loved him at first sight just like I did! And he proved his bound with my dog when he helped her and me through her last year of life and her brave fight with cancer.

Oh Linda...I agree with you! I had a older pup returned to me this year because of a boyfriend also BUT he was well trained and loved(the dog) could tell and now has a great home near his sibling so he has someone to play with.I still keep in touch with his 1st owner as you can still see how much she loved the dog. She really appreciates the updates.

Just found one in Maine as well.

I completely agree. It makes me sad. Corgi's need to be loved not just tossed at the first person.

rae.....DH knew it was love me, love my animals.  Thank goodness he loves them as much as I do.   He is a sucker for anything with 4 paws and a wet nose...whether it barks or meows.


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