I leave in an hour to get Becca! Needless to say I woke up numerous times with "Oh my God the alarm didn't go off anxiety". I'm still a little nervous about the cat introduction. I have a plan, let's hope it works. The only other hurdle has been finding Honest Kitchen. I had to order it, and it should come Tuesday. I explained the problem and they are sending some with her today. Wish me luck. I'll get home around 2 and will post again this evening.

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Good luck cant wait to see pictures


Is your cat used to dogs? Introduce slowely and hopefully all will go well. My ppups have no fear of cats but they also don't have a clue as to getting scratched. Good luck and we can't wait to get pics!

Good luck!!! :)

You can put up a baby gate to keep Becca in one room away from the cat for a couple of days.  Then they can sniff each other and get used to each other before really meeting.  Can't wait to see pictures!

How exciting!  I hope all goes well and you enjoy your new little bundle of fur!  :)

I don't blame you one bi!. I remember when we were sending e-mails back and forth and phone calls with Noodles breeder about finding a time to see him. I was so nervous and excited at the same time. I think the 1 hour drive to see him seemed like hours. It was well worth the wait and 6.5 years later I still have wonderful memories of the day we picked our baby boy up. Can't wait to see pictures!

Good luck! Did you look on Honest Kitchen website for stores that sell it? Often you can find it at little specialty botique pet stores and it's cheaper than buying direct from their website. I get mine from my vet (Franklin eats it at dinner time).

Hope it works out for you  Let us know

The cat our Chepstow was introduced to had no front claws.  Our big Siamese out weighted him in the beginning. The cat would just roll him, when he was done being bothered the first few months.  When Chepstow was about 6 months we went to visit our daughter in NY.  Chesptow walked up to her cat and put his nose in her "rear" and she turned around and hit him on the nose. One drop of blood later and a lot of hugs Chepstow said "watch out these cats in NY carry switchblades".


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