Well, my boyfriend and I are getting our pup in about 2 and a half weeks now! We are super excited. This will be our first dog!

I'm feeling kind of silly because I feel like I'm pestering the breeder with too many questions. We've been emailing back and forth since May when the litter was born and I put a deposit down.

I've been emailing her once or twice a month asking things like what kind of food she feeds her puppies and dogs, when the puppies get their first shot, if she has any new pictures, etc etc.

Am I just being annoying?

I just keep thinking of more questions that I'm curious about and some of them are kind of important. Her replies are always kind of short, and sometimes she doesn't even respond to some of the questions.

I'm really wishing that she would post some new pictures (I haven't seen any since the pups were 3 weeks old) but I know she must be a busy lady.

Should I just leave the poor woman alone and ask my questions when we go pick up the puppy in 2 and a half weeks? It's a 3 hour drive and I don't think we'll be able to make the trip until the pup is ready to go.

From a breeder's perspective... am I being annoying? :(

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No, you're not. :) Just don't feel miffed if you don't get a response right away, or if the responses you DO get are short. E-mail correspondence in general is not my favorite method of asking something of a breeder. I prefer the old-fashioned telephone call. You can knock out several questions easily and remind them of one they might have overlooked within seconds, instead of INSISTING on one many times throughout your e-mails.

She is busy, but it's for a good cause - she's taking care of your charge until he's ready to leave for your home! Do not just go radio silent because you fear annoying her. You want to convey your high level of interest in the wellbeing of this dog; any breeder would want to hear that from a future owner. Just try to find a method that allows you to sate your curiosity while also respecting her limited schedule. :)

And best of luck for Scout's arrival day!

You are not being annoying. 

I wouldn't worry about her answers being short, but I WOULD be concerned with the fact that she isn't answering some. As a breeder, the breeder to your pup, she should be answering any and ALL of your questions, as it concerns not only your pup, but hers as well, and she should want to make sure that her pup's new owner is as well informed as possible! I would reask the ones she ignores. 

Thanks guys! I feel a bit better about it. Ludi - that's a good point, maybe I'll give her a call when I have a few more questions to ask. I always forget that some people don't use e-mail as much as I do!

I re-asked one question (when do the pups get their first set of shots - so I can make sure to have a vet appt lined up for the 2nd set) and she responded this time. Maybe she just didn't read the last email completely.

I'm guilty of that all the time and I'm not even a busy dog breeder. :) It really can just happen due to skimming and trying to hit the "big points" in a quick reply.

Breeders should encourage a lot of questions, that way they know you're serious about being a responsible owner (which should have been seen in the questionnaire but the questions reinforce it).  I'd keep them coming if you think of more.

Are those degus in your profile picture? 

You need to ask questions so you know...don't feel like you are asking too much. Hopefully she will awnser all the questions in a timely fashion and offer more ideas.Every breeder is different as I tend to give more info than not enough...and tons of pics plus ask questions but I want to know all about my new puppies homes:)

Perhaps if you ask the breeder if you have questions what is the best way for you to communicate.  Once a month, e-mail, phone??  I too felt I was bugging my breeder and did not have the sense to ask, as I was too excited.   This site is full of Corgi owners who have a wealth of knowledge; perhaps you would feel better asking questions here.


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