I need some advice. Noodles, who is now almost six, already has one fatty lump that we found 1.5 years ago. This particular one is right below his rib cage on the right side and doesn't bother him one bit. My husband was rubbing his belly just the other day and felt a very tiny lump in between his front legs. Since there isn't really much extra skin/fat there, the lump is very small (not even the size of a marble). it doesn't seem to bother Noodles (unless you really push down, you can't even feel it...I didn't even notice it and I rub his belly every day) and it seems just like the other one, smooth and soft. This bump also seems to be right where his harness meets underneath his body. The reason I'm asking for advice is because Noodles hasn't been feeling well since last Thursday. He isn't throwing up, it is the other end. We switched him to a bland diet and that seems to be doing the trick. He even wanted to play tug-o-way for an hour last night. He has never seemed really down, but I can just tell he was moping around. He still always wanted to take his jogs/walks, play with his toys and still acted happy, but something has been off. (He snapped at my brother and sister-in-law's dog on Sunday and actually caught him in the eye! He has never done that before). Like I said, he seems to be doing better, but I didn't know if maybe the new lump has something to do with him not feeling well or not. Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I would get him checked out by the vet. Better safe than sorry.
O poor Guy. I would most definitely take him to the vet if its making him sick. For him to snap at another dog that he has always gotten along with is a clear signal he is not feeling well and dosnt want to be bothered
I made an appointment to take Noodles in tomorrow. He has been feeling better and his bowel movements have been normal all week long. Whew! I keep praying that the lump isn't anything serious. He was also extra excited when he got to eat his breakfast out of his Kong food dispenser toy. His little bunny butt didn't stop shaking the whole time.
I'm happy to hear he Is feeling better. Hopefully the vet check up goes well and Its nothing serious:) keep us up dated with noodles
Noodles appointment was at 9 this morning and daddy took him. I think daddy doesn't attend enough doctor's appointments because even last night he was begging me to call-in sick so I could take Noodles. I think it was good father/son bonding time. Well, all went well and the lump is so tiny they could barely get anything out to analyze. It is another fatty lump and unless it starts bothering him, we just need to keep an eye out on it. He also lost another pound since January and is down to 41 pounds (goal is 40). My husband said all the ladies in the office loved on Noodles, so that made his trip pleasant. We are going to see about switching his food since he is almost done with his current to see if this prevents any more of these lumps from appearing. Thank you all for your advice and we feel so much better!
SO glad to hear it wasn't anything bad.  We lost a Corgi to what we thought was a fatty lump, had it removed, came back a year later cancerous.  Please keep an eye on your boy and check out any future stuff, too.


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