I don't need an alarm clock because my corgis apparently have some rooster genes.  They make sure I am up by 6:30 EVERY morning.  They start out by doing the "hey-are-you-up-yet" tap dance.  If that doesn't work, they start moving their bowls and nyla bones around (very passive-aggressive little pups!) If that doesn't work, I get the little "wuf."  And if that doesn't work, I finally get the full "WOOF!"  Silly corgis!

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I too have a corgi alarm! He goes off between 6:30 and 7:00 every morning. He starts by stretching out and making a little "rooooooooo" sound. If that doesn't work then it's time to stand on some heads and lick faces. There is no more sleeping in!
The "roooo" sound is the best! Sometimes Clutch will do it just before we put his leash on to take him outside. I have never had such a talkative dog.
You are so lucky! I wish we could at least train them to sleep in on the weekends!  Even if we have them in the bed, they won't sleep in.  Then they do the paws-on wake-up call like for Brittani where they stand on us and lick us either on the face or hair until we finally get up.

Most nights Emrys cuddles in the bed with us for a little while, but then he'll get down and go sleep in his kennel. If he does sleep in the kennel he gets up at 9:00, jumps all over us and gives us kisses until we wake up. 

Jack generally wakes us up between 7am and 7:30 on the weekends (workdays we are up earlier).  Once in a blue moon if it's rainy and dark he'll sleep til 8, but that is maybe a couple times a year.


Maddie on the other hand does not bark.  She does, however, come upstairs and hang out in the hallway in the early hours of the morning. 

Edison pokes any hand dangling from the bed after sunrise.  If no hands are available, he sits quietly and wakes us with the INTENSITY OF HIS STARE.
Last week when I was sick, I came home and flopped down on the bed.  Not more than a minute later, Scout was standing on my back licking my ears b/c I had "forgotten" to take her out... So cute. 
And she has woken me up with her dreams, as she sometimes makes small bark noises in her sleep

Can't remember the last time I slept past 7am on the weekend. I start to get the 'nose nudge' right around that time!

Fred generally likes to sleep in, but Betsy starts her workday promptly between 7:00 and 7:15 when the kids get up for school.  She will absolutely refuse to come downstairs until both kids come down with her.  I'm sure I could get her to come downstairs if I offered her breakfast right then, but I think the conflict in her brain (get the food vs. leave the kids) might cause her head to explode!   If I tell her to "get the kids," she'll run to their beds, nip at the covers, make a "wuf sound," walk on top of them, and generally act annoying until they get up.  Unfortunately, she adheres to this wakeup time on the weekends.  If my husband and I are still asleep, she'll bother us instead of the kids.  But she doesn't pull at the covers or bark at us.  Instead, she climbs on top of the person she thinks needs to get up, then with, all her weight, plops down very forcefully exactly where that person's full bladder is located.  She is by no means a cuddly lap dog (though she likes to be near us when she's tired and wants her ears scratched).  This is the only time she actually chooses to lie down on someone, and I have the feeling she knows exactly what she's doing.  She somehow manages to make it feel as if there's two or three times her 30 lb body weight pushing and squeezing on this strategic location, while she stares with quiet determination at the owner of the bladder.  I have to say, it's a very effective technique, and I have to laugh every time she does it.  I wouldn't trade my corgi alarm clock for the world! 

I'm pretty sure most parents wish they had a dog who rousted their kids out of bed on school mornings.  :)
Oh, yes...every morning b/4 I know I'm awake I think I must roll over and then the corgi parade begins. Livvy is 1st, nose to my nose and when I cover my head with my arm she takes her paw and removes my arm so she can again be nose to nose. Livvy has taught Sage to do this so now I have 2. The rest get on the bed and lick or parade around till I get up...

my boy does not wake me up by making noise, he just stares at me, and that wakes me up.  he just sits next to me and stares, looking like he is going to eat me X(



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