So my corgi is 2 years old and her last vet visit she weighed 12 lbs 8 oz. She is not underweight and is really healthy. Both of her parents were 20 pounds and she was the smallest in her litter. I was just wondering if anyone else has a corgi that is this small or have seen one so small??

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I met a lady at Petsmart who said hers was super small, but she didn't have her with her. I am hoping she will join up. Check out the Itty Bitty Corgi group.

Wow, that is half-sized!   Her parents were both tiny so she may have caught a double-dose of tiny if there is some recessive gene in there.  Are you certain both parents are pure-bred and there's not something else lurking in the background?  I'm a little surprised someone would breed one 20-pound dog to another the same size, since that's lower than the breed standard and usually if you are getting too big or too small you tend to want to head back towards "moderate" as a breeder....

She's a cutie, though!

I've actually encountered one or two breeders who are trying to establish a "mini" corgi by intentionally breeding small corgis together.  I'm not saying that this is what happened in this case, but there are some out there that are trying to do it.

I've definitely never seen a corgi that small before, Rachel, but she's so precious!  She looks so cuddly and snuggly!  :)

The lady I got her from owns a farm and breeds her four corgis. They are all purebred and registered. The breeder told me she has to breed a small female with a small male so that the female can deliver the pups safely. She lost a female whose pups were too big and didn't get the the vet in time.

My old horse trainer used to ship horses in from Missouri and the woman she got her horses from bred corgis to be intentionally small. She actually recently just gave up a male pup because he was going to mature to more than 20 pounds. This is a reason I think AKC needs to change their policies for who they will allow to register. They just encourage backyard breeding by allowing any and all "purebreds" to be sold with AKC papers. Pretty soon we will have (or possibly we already have) mini corgis like they did with the aussies. The thing people seem to forget is when you shrink a dog breed they tend to become exponentially more neurotic. *sigh*

My Emma is almost that small - she's 2 and weighed 15.9 lbs  at the last vet visit.  She's at a healthy weight for her size.  Her parents were normal sized.  Sometimes it just happens.  And SHE doesn't think she's that small :)

My Kali is almost 2 yrs and she is at 18 pnds.. My male is 21 and he is 8 months old..  They have the same mom and dad born a yr and 6 days apart.. Kali is really tiny feet and all.. Kowboy has big feet.. So I knew he was going to be big..


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