Ahhh please help!  We've had our corgi for a month now.  So far he hasn't had any issues with eating paper.  I'm not the NEATEST person so I always have stuff lying around.  I was so happy that Ralphie mainly ignored most of these things so far until the last 2 days.  He's been caught eating an index card, kleenex and a postcard (hehe again, not the neatest person).  


I walk him twice a day and give him plenty of attention (if not smother him a bit!).  He is 6.5 months so I get that he is teething and dogs will be dogs. But he has so many delicious bones and stuff to chew plus a few other teething specific toys.


My very neat husband says "just clean up and don't leave stuff lying around"  which yes, I of course would love to do.  But still, is there anything I can do to prevent this?  


Today we took him to the dog park too and he herded/chased/got chased by lots of dogs and was super pooped, but when we got home, I found him chewing on shredded paper.  I said "no!" and took the paper away and gave him one of his chew toys... which he totally didnt care for and ignored. :(

Please, any advice??? I want to break the habit before it becomes a real problem.


Thanks in advance!!!

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It's a hard habit to break! Yes, most of mine will chew on these things if they find them...good to exchange for a real toy but it may not work (:      
Hi Sue, your husband is correct :)
Read this, you'll feel 100% better :) When the time is right, contribute to this list!
Boo I hate it when that happens.  Haha thanks for the links.  That corgi demolition crew made me LOL. :)

I too agree with husband. If it's on the floor, he'll chew. Beau has chewed through his third electrical cord in about a month - curling iron, electric mattress warmer, light.  I don't know how he didn't get electrocuted with the last one.

Just a heads up....

If it's on the floor, it's fair game!!! I agree with your husband. Be neater!!! My husband is the messy one and he has learned to keep his stuff up off the floor and we have two corgis who love to steal things off the floor and chew them.  He has lost several items because they got them. Rosie picked up a hearing aid battery off the floor and was throwing it in the air with her mouth playing with it!! Rocky has picked up little, itty bitty screws off the floor and has chewed up a remote and several CDs. The hubby is pretty good now but I still find the occasional popsicle stick chewed up in the living room. They are as bad, if not worse, than little kids and I'm talking husbands and messy wives here!!


Not only keep the floor clean but learn to just keep things out of his reach as well. Mine has eaten three of my books, he actually jumped on the couch and chewed up my books. I couldn't believe it.

 Hi Ralphie & Sue!


Unfortunately, you may have to work a little harder to be neater. (Not easy, I know...I envy people whose homes are always guest-ready!)  My older dog (a border collie mix) ate 3 pair of Nine West shoes before I finally learned the lesson that I need to put my shoes away.  My 2 corgis (about 20 months old) are very good at finding stuff they shouldn't, so we have had to be careful, as they will eat ANYTHING, i.e.: corner of the coffee table (pretty expensive for a chew toy), pens, rubber ring off their bowls ($400 trip to the vet for that one), toy stuffing, tissue, paper towels, cloth towels, leather seats of cars (Kota is very proud of her work on that one), business cards, screws (attempted)...I think you get the idea.  You can train them to leave stuff alone, and mine are fairly good, but it's still easier not to have the temptations around. 

Waffle has this problem... we solved it by moving all paper and paper-like objects out of reach.  I left my school notes on the couch yesterday and came home and there was a corner nibbled out of the entire notebook... but he hadn't been walked in a day or two. Age and lots of exercise and mental stimulation will reduce the behavior, in my experience.
I think cleaning up is the only way.  We have a low to the ground wastebasket in the bathroom, so we just keep the door closed to keep Leena out.
Oh lord yes!  All three of them, though I think Teri is probably the most avid paper eater.  The best thing they ate (I think the culprit was Annie, but no one fessed up) was the Cesar Milan book "Be The Pack Leader"...it was well shredded by the time I found it....sorry Cesar.

hahah darn!  Was hoping for a magical solution. No magical teething toy he'd prefer to chew on forever??  :)


I will consider myself lucky then! and take this as a warning.  thanks everyone for the quick responses. 


time to start cleaning!  my husband just said "I told you so!". haha.


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