Does anyone else think their Corgi is half-cat? Mine behaves and moves a lot like a cat, especially when chasing small bugs/flies, or when rolling over on his back to play or sleep...

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Mine seems like half a lot of things, cat included! I list sea otter, mountain goat, and kangaroo as some of the other parts!
I laughed out loud at your comment! Especially mountain goat!
it really seems like it's true! he climbs on everything and has to get to the highest possible point so he can see!
Oh yes, Izzy likes to walk along the top of the couch cushions and sleep on them just like the cats! Both Sparty and Izzy will jump on movement under the covers too. Makes bedtime a little hectic!
funny! must be hectic with TWO of them!
I've sometimes thought of corgis as cats in dog suits, LOL. Yes, there are many mannerisms that Sid exhibits that remind me of our cats. He does like to climb on the back of the furniture, sleep on his back, tends towards fussiness and seems to have some sort of brotherhood with our kitties.
yes, we've said this many times. Ours attacks with her feet more than her mouth and often makes a sound closer to a meow than a bark. I absolutley love the way she pounces like a fox. If you'vge never seen a fox hunt, try to find a video of it. They stand still, cock their heads to the side, jump stright up and pounce with forepaws. Totally funny.
Yes, that is it exactly! They jump with their feet forward just like a fox. Cats do the same thing. It is pretty funny!
The other morning Loki didn't feel he had enough food so he oinked into his bowl (seriously).
yep. Mine even sleeps on the back of the sofa like a cat. He really loves cat teasers!
We still haven't narrowed down what type of animal Ella thinks she is. Cat is definitely on the list, she will pounce on bugs and lick her paws.
Paisley is definitely cat like. She will bat at things with her paws, stalk things like a cat and the funniest thing is when she stretches her back up like an angry kitty. Oddly though, when she met some of the cats in the family she had no idea what to do with them and just wanted to chew on their tails.


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