I recently got a little 10 week old male Pembroke and he's really a character. He is trying to talk to me. In fact, if I tell him "No" he says "no" back. It sounds just like a kid! I had another male Pembroke who also "spoke" to us a lot. My female, Katy, acts like a normal dog. Anyone else experiencing this?

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My Momo have at times, My husband and I swear we heard him grumble, "let me out" FROM HIS  crate ina  wookie noise voice... it was almost clearly understood as "let me out" by the both of us.  LOL...

Tho, my momo does vocallize a lot, his Unhappy or grumbley tones in his time out box or time out pin downs. 

When we're all supposed to be in "bed" (momo sleeps with us in his crate, in our bedroom) so he knows when we're in the room and not complain as much.  Tho when my husband and i decdie to "sleep in" on the weekend or just lazy around in bed and "not talk or we're very quiet", momo is unsure if we're awake or not, he'll do this WHIMPY PUFFY UNSURE bark.  He knows he's not allowed to bark in the house or else he'll be ignored and timed out.

It's quite cute that he's trying to get our attention with his puffy bark.  LOL...

My husband, who would like to pretend that he's a tough man, gets all soft and "awwww" towards the puppy when Momo vocalizes "arooo-rooo, harump and grumbles" when he knows we're PURPOSELY ignoring him and want him to PLAY BY HIMSELF. 

Lucy has a large vocabulary and range of sounds, esp. when playing with her toys. I would also include all the staring she does when she wants something (to go out, water, snack...). No sound, just intense staring at me as if sending a telepathic signal! She sasses, too, which I find funny and this probably isn't good for training. Lucy is 21 months and is finally responding to "no" without sassing. If that's a long time, then it's my fault. She's just so darn funny when she is being naughty (or being Corgi really)!

My boy is pretty vocal, he's over a year old and he still makes Wookie noises when he's excited, and "grumbles" when he's not getting his way. If I correct him for barking, he'll actually bark "quieter". They're quiet vocal ^_^ Just adds to the magical cuteness of them!

My boy would argue back when he was a puppy, normally if we would look him and the eye's and said no he would bark back like he was telling us "no!". He would also protest certain commands too, mainly we would have him sit before coming inside and each time I would tell him to sit, he would bark each time I told him that command like he was annoyed with it. He did eventually outgrow this behavior.

Lilliput can yell out, "Cookie! Mom! Hurry Up! Where's the Cookie! I let you Wipe My Butt so Where's the COOKIE!" This is clearly understood by all humans in the house. No mistaking it.

I haven't been around this way much, but I'm catching up on the forums and when I saw this post,

I couldn't help but bring this oldie, but goodie back to life:  

That is hilarious! How on earth do you suppose they got the dog to do all those things in front of a camera?

Completely. Penny sasses us with no all the time, if we want her to do a trick or quiet down especially.

Roxi is quiet but oh man Charlie.. he is a talker and we love it.. We warn people if you play with him he sounds evil but he's just talkin lol. I think since we got him Roxis gotten a bit more vocal but she's still tight lipped!


My girl Jazzy never used to be a talker, all that changed one week with the doggy grandparents.

I loaned her out for a week while they were going through some hardships, the loss of a job in the house. So she was talked to for that week and learned her "Voice". Now she's a sassy little thing, always expressing her pleasure and or displeasure.

In admiration its kind of cute in a lot of ways, I got the Rooo rooo of happiness when I get home, she knows both the muffled bark and bark (We use "Inside voice" and "Outside voice"), woof-grunt and fractured growl (sounds more like a muttered purr).

There are a host of various other sounds as well, a more then I can explain.

I've fallen in to the talking to my dog as well, she seems to understand me often times having this eerie feeling of more gears are tuning then I give her credit for.


Wonder if it has something to do with their being herding dogs? German shepherds can be very vocal, too, and in fact my last GerShep, Anna was so vocal she sometimes did seem to be trying to converse with the humans. But most of the time what she wanted to say was pretty inscrutable.

Cassie emits specific sounds that have specific meanings. Ever since Ruby the Corgi Pup came on the scene, we've learned that a very well defined, short, sharp ARF! repeated four to six times about one second apart is a call to the puppy. And weirdly, the puppy responds to it -- if Cassie ARFs, Ruby comes running. Well...human see, human do... One evening I decided to ARF Ruby in from the backyard, so I stumble out in the dark and stand on the back porch and go ARF! ARF! (and so on).

Holy doggerel, it worked! Not only that, but it also called Cassie, who came running out of the house and joined the ARF-fest. Now if I say to Cassie, "ARF the puppy in!" she actually will start calling the pup. Weird.

Ruby has a variety of very expressive whines and mumbles, one of which, when she's frustrated (I won't get up to let her out of her crate five minutes after we've gone to bed...BAD human!), sounds just like a human being vocalizing disappointment or dismay: OOOoohh-ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

Between the two of them, they have quite a range of sounds, from various mumbles, irritable growls ("stop chewing my ear, you little shrimp!"), oooRRRooos of exuberance, imperious orders ("You! Yeah, you, the serf! Get up and get the ball out from under the furniture!"), and of course that evergreen favorite, "Whatever is on the other side of that door [argh] is gonna [snort] DIE when I get ahold of it!!!!"

Dogs are more human than humans.

Hahaha yes, yes indeed! 

My little boy Chubbs speaks when he feels like it. I can't really make him, the closes I can do is tease him until he says what I want. 

For example when I'll be laying in bed awake he'll hop up since he's ready to get moving and I'll ask him multiple times "Do you wanna go upstairs? Do you wanna go outside? Poop and Pee?" and I love his playful behavior so when he doesn't get excited I go "No? Ok I'll go back to bed!" and I'll pull the covers over my head. After a bit of this I can sometimes get him to say "Lets gooooo!" and it is super adorable.

He also talks in the mornings when I go to put his leash on to go outside to potty he'll stretch out and say "Oooooo goooo!". I think he's letting me know that he really needs to go!

And occasionally, this is probably the most rare, when I ask him if he wants food and he gives me the notification that he does and I pour it he will go "Thank you!". Sometimes he does this for other things, but most generally it's food when he thanks me.

I recently started living with roommates so they're new to hearing him do this (since it isn't constant or they're not always around/awake) and they think it is super adorable, and well I must agree!


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