Arrow won't walk unless I am with somebody else. But when it's just the two of us I will literally have to drag him around the grass as he lays down in each patch of grass we pass just eating berries. It's really frustrating. I don't want to only be able to walk my dog in a group. Sometimes I can bribe him from grass patch to grass patch. I try timing it about an hour after he eats when he has the most energy. I would give anything for a puppy that pulls ahead instead of this lazy dude I have on my hands. I'm sick of carrying him. Sick of dragging him. Sick of bribing him. I am really really sick of getting so frustrated. Can you tell I just got back from a walk? Or I mean a lay and stay.... :/ HELP.

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I feel your pain cause sometimes I tend to be upset at Wally when it's raining, storming and he just want to sniff anything and do the Bacon Dance every 2 minutes.    But I feel guilty when I'm upset at him cause he's having a good time and just playing.   He doesn't understand that the purpose of going outside early morning or in bad weather is to "Go quick, Pee, Poop and come back in".   

Arrow certainly feels the frustration and the walks are not pleasent for either of you.   If there's a chance you could bring him somewhere pleasant, like a local park where there's lots of sounds and smells, it would be a good way to walk with him, praise and trying to have fun.    You might go only a few hundred feet but if it's pleasurable he might be interested to go further next time.

If you have the option to contacting a canine behaviorist or trainner for an individual session to go on a walk with you, that might be the best option to learn together.    But I agree with you on the bribing with treats when going for a walk, the dog has to learn that walking is not a reason to get treats, it's part of a daily routine.


Good luck,

Sorry if I can't share further advise but just felt like venting myself.   :)

Try getting a long wooden spoon and put some peanut butter, or honey or squeeze cheese on it - whatever is his favorite - make it a really high value treat.  The squeeze cheese is easiest to "reload" the spoon with.   Then, with the leash in one hand and the spoon in the other, walk with the spoon dangleing right in front of his nose.  Let him get a lick and then walk a few more feet. Don't go for a mile at first.  Keep it short, fun and tasty.  Maybe also try not walking in the grass.  Try a sidewalk at first.   It might take a week or so, but you are basically retraining him to walk with you.   Good luck!


heee! I want to see this in action!

It was actually super helpful to hear "You are basically re training him" I had a lot more patience when I was coming at it from a "HE DOESNT KNOW ANYTHING" standpoint than a "HE SHOULD KNOW THIS" place.

We made a breakthrough! Kinda... somedays..

1. If I walk him about an hour after he eats, he has the most energy for walks.

2. I actually cut out treats on the walk, it was his only motivation. I AM THE COOKIE, ARROW! Now I just bring treats when I want to practice his recall.

3. I am taking our long extender leash now, I just say "No, tug, heel, and keep walking." He was alarmed when he realized I could keep going without him (Wish I lived in a low traffic area I felt safe enough to just drop his leash and keep walking)

4. Less obedience. I want him to walk, period. If I have to compromise a heel for a dog that walks, I will take it. We will work on heel once he get's that walking is awesome.

5. Less walks. More parks, more fetch in the front yard, more hikes. Only walking around the neighborhood once a day instead of 2 or 3 times.

6. "Bring it" I have great success with telling him to pick up that stick or leaf he wants and bring it. I think it taps into the animal brain where walks are for hunting. When he is carrying something, he follows along no problem with his kill of that crunchy leaf.

7. MY MOOD. He wont walk when I am frustrated. He knows something is bad. If I skip, and side step, and kneel down to smoosh on him half way through walks, it keeps it FUN!

Somedays he doesn't walk but thats only once or twice a week now instead of every day. I'll be sure to get a video next time to post!

It's amazing how they pick up on "moods". Wynn used to growl at Pet Expo and I realized after he did this once that I was stressing every time we went there and once I knew I had to be positive and not worry...he stopped!


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