Anyone switch their corgi to Taste of the Wild and once completely weaned off, has your corgi's movements been very soft?

I just completed the weaning process for Bailey and she is now on TOTW 100%.  (I weaned her off of her old food for about 2 weeks)  During the weaning process her movements had been fine, but a couple days into TOTW only and today her movements have been very soft.  Has anyone experienced this before?  I heard that it can be normal because the food is grain free and higher in protein and after a little bit her body will adjust, but I just wanted to get some other feedback if anyone out there can share!  And does anyone have a corgi who's stomach will start growling and then stop?  Bailey is certainly not hungry!  But since the food change, late at night it will rumble but she's not in any discomfort.

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Always a good thing for our corgi's! Thanks for letting me know that. :)
I feed Ori and Laika Taste of the Wild (I recently switched from High Prairie to Sierra Mountain) and when I switched from what they were on (Purina One because Laika is allergic to corn) they did have softer BMs for a few days. It wasn't super soft, but softer than normal. It cleared up after about a week though.
I did recently switch to their new flavor, Sierra Mountain, which is lamb instead of the bison and venison, because it had a lower protein, fat, and caloric content and their BMs seem to be more consistent since the switch. So maybe if it doesn't clear up you could try a different formula?
Thanks, Monica...that's good to know...I was going to try switching her to the Salmon one...but her movements have improved for a few days now...back to normal with the occasional softie in there.  I'm hoping this means her body is getting used to it!  Thanks for the reply...much appreciated!

I have used TOTW for almost a year now. He really likes the salmon one, plus the fish makes his coat shiny. He might have softer stools sometimes, or harder when he's had only kibble (I also feed him all kinds of meats & stuff). I don't like it to get too hard :-/ Once in a while he gets his "pants" a little messy. Then I just use the sink sprayer as a corgi bidet.

Sometimes they sneek a bite of something they weren't supposed & that my loosen things up. I have to leave my boy home with "Daddy" all day & I know he slips him bad snacks when I'm not there to supervise :-/

Hey, even we aren't consistent in that department.

LOL!  I know what you mean!  

I think the next bag I get, I'll try the salmon...her movements have been looking better so I think her body is adjusting plus she didn't have gas yesterday and that was great for me and my boyfriend!  Since the switch full time, she was getting hopefully that has subsided!

Thanks for the reply, Peggy!

Hi Folks!  So, Bailey's movements are pretty much back to normal (yay!) but now we are dealing with gas...bad gas.  She's really never had a problem with this (except for once and a while).  Does anyone think that the salmon formula for TOTW might give her less gas...I really don't want to switch to another brand of food.  She is shedding less and loves it.  Thanks!

We are having issues with TOTW. Our 6 month Lab puppy, 18 month old Corgi and 12 year old senior dog are all eating TOTW. The lab is on the puppy mix.  They are having very loose stools, and can't get thru the night suddenly.  We are on the phone now with the company to see if they have changed the formula.  We feed in the morning, so none of the dogs should be having to poop in the middle of the night.  The lab is also very gassy.  We are looking into switching.


I switched my corgi to Taste of the Wild recently.  She had previously been on natural balance.  The stool is a bit softer on the TOTW but it should be fine in a couple of weeks. :)

Update on Taste of the Wild. We are getting our money back from the company. Our dogs are not doing well on this, and we are trying Acana.  will spend 48 hours on brown rice and ground met.  All of our dogs got sick at the same time.  And a friend who feeds TOTW has also had issues with his dogs in the same time frame. The company didn't admit to formula changes, but they do get ingredients from China.  So no more products for us from anything associated with Diamond Pet.


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