Due to financial strains we recently had to let go of our town house and move into an apartment. This place is really huge, and has a very spacious patio, but no yard. Francis is used to having his own yard, and now is without it. The place we moved to has massive grassy areas and I walk him at least two times a day, so he gets lots of exercise, but he still seems a little gloomy. The apartment is huge, almost 1500 sq feet, and there is a lot of room to run around in here. We live in Fresno, so if it is too hot to walk him, I play fetch with him inside where it's cool, and that usually tuckers him out. He is 4 months old today, and will get his last set of shots this week. I think maybe it is his age, and maybe dogs get stressed out too with moving, but I just want to make sure that I'm doing everything right to make sure he's happy. We put K9 turn out on the patio so he can go potty in between his walks, and he is using the doggy door like a pro. The patio area is huge, and he really seems to like it out there. I walk him in the morning, then crate him for about 4 hours while I'm at work, come home, walk, and then play with him until his nap time. He seems to be adjusting better everyday, but I just want to make sure I'm doing the right thing. It's been very stressful for us with losing our place, but I absolutely refuse to let if affect my dog. If I need to walk him 6 times a day, I'll do it. If I need to make other adjustments, I will. This transition to apartment living should only last a year or so, maybe two. Once I graduate and start working full time, (I'm a nursing student), I'll be able to have the place I want for him. I know that this is a crutial development time for him both physically and mentally so if anyone has any advice, I'd sure appreciate it.

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Joey lives in an apartment now but use to live on a ranch. He's old though. He runs on the beach in the morning and tires out. Then we take him for frequent walks through the day. Basically they are herding dogs. Not apartment dogs. If Joey were younger we would not have brought him to Santa Monica to live in an apartment. As it is we have to give him Previcox to ease the pain in his joints. I'm not sure why you are putting him in a crate. We would never do that with Joey. I understand you have difficulties. I would try to walk as much as possible. And run him at least once in the morning. It's the running they need. Good luck.
He's 16 weeks old, that's why he's in his crate while we're gone. Potty training/chewing. He's still too young to have full run of the place yet. He's only in his crate if one of us is not home, and it never exceeds 4 hours. We only put him in there when he sleeps, and it is large enough for him to comfortably sleep and turn around in. He has water at all times. I'll continue walking him throughout the day, thanks for the info.
Sounds like you are doing everything right so keep up the good work. A couple nice walks every day and some playtime when ever possible should be plenty. His gloomyness could be a direct result of the stress so it will pass.
It might be that he's reaching an age where he needs more mental stimulation...maybe it's time for some challenging toys?

I've been looking at some myself...this site seems good...

you sound like you're doing a great job. I got Bertie when I lived in a much smaller apartment than yours (700 sq ft!), and i worked as a teacher at the time, so I was gone from 6:30 AM until 5 or so. Corgis are very adaptable, they need exercise but they can deal with apartment life just fine. I usually figure on a puppy's "hold it" ability to be about an hour per month, plus 1, so at 4 months, breaking him out of his crate every 4-5 hours for a potty break is good timing, I think. I'm sure he's snoozing while he's left on his own. I couldn't go home to walk B when I was teaching -- so I had to hire a dog walker, who would come around 10-11, then the doorman would take him out again about 3 or 3:30. He did just fine. (We did that for a year, then we moved to rural CT, and I work from home, so things are very different now....). I used to leave Bertie with some fun toys and stuff -- but honestly, while I was gone, he just slept or waited patiently for me to come home. Then and only then would he grab the toys and play with them! Silly boy.
Sounds like you're doing a great job with Francis. We live in an apartment about half the size of yours, and have two corgis. One of them just turned a year last month, so we know what keeping a puppy in a small space is like! It's actually worked out very well. Since I'm not much of a morning person, I usually only take the dogs out for a potty in the morning, and then when I get home from work, we go on an hour long walk. There is also a nice park next to our apartments, and we spend time there playing fetch and swimming in the creek (YUK!).

I think when it comes to walks, the time you spend is much more important than how many you take. If you are able to do at least 45 min each day, this will go a long way in draining your pup's energy. He may need a bit more b/c he is young, but you can also utilize challenging toys and training sessions to mentally stimulate him.

Other than an occasionally recurring chewing problem (which is probably my fault for not providing enough of his faves!), and a few potty training slip-ups, both dogs seem very comfortable in the apartment. My young dog stays in his crate for as long as 8 hrs during the workday, and does very well as long as the time I spend with him is quality.

Good luck, and keep things fun for you both--it helps a lot!
Bout the same, I am in an 840 sq ft apartment with 1 corgi though. We didn't crate train him and he gets free reign of the kitchen/living room while I am at work. Everything you are doing sounds pretty normal, the dog was probably just stressed and such with the move.

The only slipup Loki has had thus far was due to an intestinal infection (some pretty nasty diarrhea hardly his fault). His chewing problem is gone and he likes walks but does not seem to rue not having a yard. On weekdays he gets about 1-1.5 hrs of walk (about 30-45 min per walk), on weekends probably 2-3 hours of walk (30 min to 1.5 hours per walk, if we take him up to the creek or feilds or something, bring water for long walks and they will appreciate it).
You're doing fine. Some interactive toys wouldn't hurt. Training and tricks are easy to do indoors, and keep him from boredom while helping him bond with you. I love having corgis as apartment dogs. I'm sure your puppy is already getting lots of attention from your neighbors. My girls are the darlings of our complex, and our apartment manager likes to use them as examples of how happy and pet friendly our building is. It's a golden opportunity for socialization, so use it.
BTW, Francis is the cutest thing on four legs! I can tell you love him a lot.
We live in an apartment and have since before we got Finnigan. It's about 950 sq ft and is just the right size for Finn. Part of the reason we decided to get a Corgi now instead of down the road when we're in a house is because everything I've read about Corgis said they do well in apartments and the breeders I talked to confirmed this. As with any dog (in an apartment or otherwise) exercise is very important as well as activities to stimulate the mind. Keep up with the walks and maybe throw in some games like Track It (hiding treats for him to find).

Finnigan is in his crate to sleep and while no one is home and he does just fine. Until they reach a trustworthy age I think crating is the best and safest option.

I have heard that they should be able to hold it an hour for every month of age plus one as well. Is there a limit to this or should Finnigan as a 9 month old be able to hold it for 10 hours? Right now I come home on my lunch breaks to take him out but if he could hold it for 8-9 hours I wouldn't need to. He hold it during the night without a problem but during the day I just haven't been brave enough to test it yet.
When we can come home for lunch to let Stanley out, we do. But on those days when both of us are tied up at work, we've left Stanley in his crate for up to 9 hours and he did just fine. He's also 9 months old and he holds it. So I'm guessing Finnigan would be good to hold it too.
Oh good, I'm glad to hear it.
We also live in an apartment in Philadelphia with our 6 month old corgi puppy. My boyfriend is home during the day, so she gets a walk every few hours and a nice 20 min. walk to the dog park each way a few times per week. Weekends we try to squeeze in some fun outdoorsy activity. Of course a yard is a wonderful thing (especially when you don't feel like walking right when you wake up or right before bed), but I feel that our Talula not only gets tons more socializing, but also more exercise because of all the walks. It definitely takes more effort, but it's not a bad thing!


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