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Everyone I've talked to who owns a dog has them micro-chipped.  I'm quite aware of the pros for micro-chipping, and I'm definitely convinced.  I was just curious if anyone ever had a bad experience with them and if there are any negative effects?



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The only thing I've heard of is that sometimes the chip slides from their neck down their shoulder. It doesn't hurt them, it just makes it harder to read the chip. You should have the chip checked when you go to the vet just in case.

I've also heard that sometimes the coding is incomplete and can't be read if they dog is ever lost.  It's an easy fix, just ask your vet after you've had it done, for the chip to be scanned as a double check.

I've heard of them falling out or migrating, but other than that, nope.

What all 3 below said.  Whenever you take you take your dog into the vet have the chip checked.  It's such an easy thing to do. 

There's a possibility of chips causing tumors or even cancer.  The AVMA's stance is that malignant tumors only occur in strains of mice bred to be prone to cancer (studies were done on mice, not dogs), but what do you call a rottweiler or a golden retriever if not cancer-prone?  Not to mention, individual dogs may be more prone to cancer than others.

I got my corgi micro-chipped and he has not have had a problem with it.


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