Hello everyone! I think we might need a little help from my awesome fellow Corgi owners! My husband came home to discover a disaster in the living room this evening. A Bill Jacs training treat bag shredded all over the living room. It was mostly full. There were no treats left....Grover (with some possible help from the cats) ate all the treats.
He is visibly bloated tonight and has terrible gas.(Yuck!!! sorry the the TMI) He has pooped possibly three times this evening. We found a poo in the kitchen by the door and he went twice on the walk. Husband came home first and feed him his dinner without thinking that he had eaten an entire bag of treats and likely didn't need it. But it went down the hatch too. So here we are at 8:30pm with an entire bag of treats on Grover's tummy. He seems super thirsty. Should I just see how he's doing later tonight and keep an eye or should we see a vet tomorrow? What do you guys think?

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*laughs* You just gave me flashbacks to the day we returned to the car to find a very round-bellied Edison and a torn plastic bag (which had formerly contained a half-pound of treats) smelling of puppy spit. :)

Your Grover will be fine, if somewhat messy for the next 2-3 days. Just keep an eye on him and maybe give him half portions on his meals. You might also want to hang a bell on the door, reaching down to corgi-height, and train him to use it to let you know when he wants out- which is really useful for these digestive emergencies!
Sage and Seanna have a system worked out. Seanna talks Sage into getting in to the kitchen and getting the treats off the counter for her....then I think Sage may get a few before Seanna takes the bag and retreats to the bedroom and eats the rest. It's pretty much a regular occurrence here. Hence the reason we work so diligently on Seanna getting the weight off. She's pretty smart about it though--she now hides the evidence under blankets, etc...so I usually don't find out until I'm looking for the treats....
LOL sorry but that is so corgi. Just give him all the water he wants. It will pass. He will need many go out to do business tonight. We put all Gwenie's treats in the pantry and close the door tight. She can open doors, so we keep her food and treats on a top shelf she can't get to. She ate a quarter of a bag of tiny greenies once. I feel your pain. I would call the vet, I did she laugh at me & said watch her. Mind you she didn't as much as Grover. Good Luck.
Hope he feels better soon. Don't beat yourself up. I once had a dog eat an entire bowl of Hershey's miniatures and cried to the vet how dumb I felt. He told me not to beat myself up because the exact thing had happen to one of his dogs. Its just life with four-legged family. Stuff happens. I'm sure Grover will be fine. PS-The vet told me there were surprisingly few wrappers when they pumped Hoover's stomach. I'd still like to know how he unwrapped them!
It's not nearly the same - but I once treated myself to a huge homemade brownie. It was wrapped in wax paper and nestled in a paper bag on the front seat of the car. I forgot it was there (!!!) and ran out of the car for 2 minutes to talk to someone. When I got back, both of my pups were exactly where I'd left them in the back seat, Ethel, in particular, was looking innocently out the window and licking her lips a tad. But in the front seat? The paper bag -- what was left of it -- looked like a great white shark had swum up and bitten off the bottom. No shreds of brown paper, no bits of wax paper, nothing. Lesson learned. Ethel didn't even get gas, she has a stomach of steel, that girl. And I was left brownie-less, which really is for the best, weight-wise. I know she was only trying to help ;-)
omg this is hilarious, im glad the chocolate didnt make them sick... i guess it takes a whole lot more than one brownie
Hee hee. BTW, I love the name Ethel for a corgi!
Thanks! We go in for big names -- Bertram Wilberforce Wooster and his niece, Ethel Drew Barrymore, star of stage and screen (and, as of her third b-day last week, owner of a sparkly tiara).....
I wouldn't put anything past our smart little fur babies...if left to their own devices it's hard to know what they might come up with :) Sounds like the Bill Jack training treats are working their way out of Grovers system. If it were my corgi and he wasn't feeling well tomorrow I would call my vet for his/her opinion. Do you think Grover learned a lesson...not :))))
Well, after a couple of days of stomach upset, Grover was totally fine!! He looked like a big ol' fat pig for 2 days. But by Friday afternoon he was having solid poos and doing just fine! What a total goob!!!
I have moved all treats to a high shelf and hopefully this will end the treat thievery! I really do think it was a group effort! The cats have knocked down his treat bags before and tried to eat them! How did we end up with such a group of fat, sneaky fur-babies? I just can't say! And did Grove learn anything from the experience? I'd say not. That dude was running to his food bowl like he was starving the next morning.
Thanks for all the great advice, everyone!! After 3 years with Grover, I don't know why I still freak out about things like this! !


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