Hi!  My 8 year old, Cooper, has been having problems with his back legs.  We noticed a few months ago that he was slow to get up and wasn't as spunky as he usually is.  Then, it got worse.  He started falling down the stairs and sometimes his back legs would just give out on him.  We have taken him to the vet a couple times and he has another appointment tomorrow.  He has had blood tests and x-rays but the vet doesn't see anything wrong.  We have had him on Rimadyl (sp?) to try and help but it doesn't do much.  We have crated him for a week and it doesn't help.  He can no longer get on our bed or the couch.  Sometimes he stumbles just trying to get up and walk.  His back end seems so stiff and you can tell he is uncomfortable.  It is heartbreaking to say the least!


Has anyone had something like this happen?  I would like to get some ideas to discuss with my vet tomorrow.



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Sorry Cooper isn't feeling well! Several years ago Wynn had a problem with a leg but that was a sprain/strain, I believe the vet put him on prednisone. Sorry I can't help more. Wynn still doesn't like any slippery floors.
Thanks Jane!  How long did it take for Wynn to recover?

Well it took Wynn a couple months and I still have to watch him a bit as the next spring he did the same thing:( What he originally did was run like a crazed corgi in the spring jumping and tearing around.)


Has Cooper done anything different, jumped more? Ran more? Anything that may have contributed to this would be good to tell the vet also.


Good Luck and please update us....it's horrible having a sick dog!

Cooper hasn't done anything different that we know of.  It is strange that this just happened one day and gets worse even when he rests all day and night.


I hope they figure this out soon and he can be comfortable and himself again.  It is heartbreaking seeing my peppy little guy all down in the dumps! 

Have you had Cooper tested for DM, Valley Fever or tick borne diseases?  Any of these could cause neurological symptoms.  The DM test will only be helpful if he comes back as a carrier or a clear.
I have not tested him for those diseases but will bring it up tomorrow!  Thanks!
Are the tests for DM and the other diseases blood tests?

The test for DM is done using a cheek swab.  It's a genetic test available through the ortho pedic foundation for animals (OFA).  The tick borne diseases (can't remember the names) are done through blood work as well as Valley Fever (if you live in the southwestern US desert areas).


Good luck tomorrow and please keep us posted.  Sending out healing vibes to Cooper.

Thanks!  I looked on the OFA website and found the test.  I would doubt he could have a tick borne disease since they are treated and I am so close to them I would probably know if they had a tick.  I will bring it up though to the vet.  I am in Indiana so the Valley Fever probably isn't it.  He definitely has symptoms of DM.  I just watched videos of corgis with it though and they are more wobbly and loose in the hind legs.  Cooper is very stiff.  I am holding out hope it is not DM.  I just can't stand my little guy to be this way.  A corgi without his spunk is heartbreaking!

I don't want you to think that corgis with DM lose their spunk.  If you've seen videos of corgis with DM then you know that a lot of them do quite well, especially in a cart, if they're fitted soon enough.  You might check into the "wheel corgi" group on yahoo groups (there might be a link on this site).  That group has so much love, support and information, from experience.  It might be worthwhile to join.


In particular, Bobbie Mayer is the Cart Coordinator for Corgi Aid and they can offer assistance with a cart if you meet the eligibility.  Most importantly, please don't think that DM is "the end".  If there is a good side to DM, it isn't painful, where as other neurological issues can be extremely painful.  Also, Bobby has two dogs in carts now, and Candy her oldest in the cart, competes in agility, rally and has even tried herding. I'm sure there are lots of videos of Candy on uTube.



I looked at a couple videos last night very briefly since it was so heartbreaking to watch!  Thanks for the cart info!  I hope to get this figured out soon! 
Chloe had 2 disc's ruptured and that was her reason for not being able to walk.....she was in alot of pain--even though she would not show it.  There is also IVDD, I was able to do alot of research on DM and IVDD.  Bobbie Mayer with Corgiaide is wonderful with helping to narrow things down.  She is also on FB.  Good luck, watching them hurt is never easy and can hurt your heart and soul.


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