I am copying this from an email I just sent to a couple other people - I wanted to updated everyone on Bandit.

I can't even begin to tell you how much it means to me to have this group - I can always count on positive thoughts and good advice!

Thank you all so much for caring .....


Bandit had surgery today!
Our surgeon originally stated it was a simple fracture; would need 2 pins & his prognosis was excellent.
After 2 1/2 hours of surgery (it was supposed to be only 1 hour) we were told the repair had
He did not just have a femoral fracture; he actually had TWO fractures; one of which was a crack down the center of his bone & into his cartilage. In order to fix this they had to put a screw in. He also had some bone fragments missing, so they had to do a bone graft. He had damage to his
growth plate; Dr said it "popped off, like a bottle top"; and lastly has damage to his knee. So he ended up with 2 pins, a screw & a bone graft.
Bandit is home tonight but in a lot of pain :(
Our surgeon is wonderful and has called to check on Bandit already tonight; and let us increase his frequency of  his pain medication.
Dr also indicated that at this point Bandit is not expected to have as good of a prognosis as he gave him prior to surgery; he indicated that his prognosis at this point with an uneventful recovery is
guarded to good.
We do not regret making the decision to do the surgery but it does seem that now Bandit has a much harder recovery road ahead of him.
We are loving on him, making sure he is taken good care of!

here is a picture of our love bug tonight......photo.JPG

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aww, Bandit! Seeing him reminds me of Sidney's little drumstick after his surgery. Same leg and all. The first couple of weeks will seem bad, but it'll get better. Hang in there, take it slow and love him to bits. I don't know if the vet will recommend water therapy down the road, but we did it with SId and it really helped him get strong.

It sounds like it will be a rough recovery - - they said 6 weeks of sedation to keep him off his leg - that seems like so much!

He seems so uncomfortable tonight - he is only about 8 hours post surgery but he just seems restless all of the sudden - it isn't pain, we just gave him a pain pill an hour ago.

I can tell this journey will be long - - but he is SO worth it!!!

keep in mind the anesthesia will make them out of sorts. He will seem restless and may vocalize tonight and into tomorrow. Rest assured he probably isnt' painful, his body is just processing the anesthesia and pain meds he was given for surgery. I know its hard. It will pass in the next day or so.

Aw buddy. Definitely discuss with your vet some safe ways he can expel energy. Start looking into calming things for dogs like music, lavender sents, etc. Anything will help - even if its just your piece of mind that you are doing everything you can. I think the suggestion of water therapy down the road is excellent.

My heart goes out to you guys. A sick pet is the worst. I wish we could just tell them it will all be ok. 

Poor Bandit! You have a dificult road ahead but I am sure he will be worth it. Dogs especially corgis are so adaptable. We are hoping for the best!

I am glad you did surgery.  It is so hard to see them in pain, but you are doing what is best for him.  When Seanna tore her second ACL (not saying this is anywhere comparable to what you are going through), they thought it was just a partial tear.  When they got in there she had completely tore it and the meniscus too- which made it more complicated.  But she came through like a champ.  The first couple of days are hard, but once the initial shock to his system is over, he'll perk up.  Just BE SURE you follow the post-op instructions!!  It was so hard for me to get my family to stick by them--they'd think she looked sad and put her up on the couch with them (and of course she'd end up jumping off when they weren't looking), or they'd walk her off her leash and she'd tear around the yard.  This is a time for tough love even though you feel sorry for him....you can do a lot of damage if you don't follow the rules!!

Sounds like you guys are going to take great care of him!!  Keep us updated!!

Sending lots of love your way to Bandit!
Good luck, Bandit! Here's to a speedy recovery! :)

The first few days are definitely the worst, then he will be more like himself. I don't know about you, but I was able to work from home, or have one of my kids home with Snickers (after her minor ACL surgery) almost all the time the first few weeks, which really helped, since I would feel really guilty about leaving her. Keeping a constant eye on him will be hard, so be sure to share the burden and take care of yourself too. Sending Corgi kisses and prayers your way.

Poor baby :(  Sending out positive thought and prayer Bandits way. 


Let's see a speedy and uneventful recovery (he's had enough troubles already)

Wow I can't believe they sent him home already! Glad to hear he is doing better and was able to have surgery. We generally keep orthopedic cases overnight so we can manage their pain. Did he at least get a Fentanyl patch? What kind of pain medications is he on? Make sure to follow your vet's rehab advice to the letter to insure a smooth recovery. Its a long process but hopefully in the end he will benefit greatly from surgery. Also, I'd recommend starting him on glucosamine/chondrotin and fish oil as soon as he's off pain medications to help decrease/slow down the progression of arthritis which will occur in any bone trauma situation. It will benefit him greatly as he ages and help protect his joints now.


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