My neighbor got a dog last summer :) it's a cute beagle and his name is Buddy. 
The problem I'm having is that he barks and it's that loud high pitch bark. Buddy does this all day long and late at night. 
I've talked my neighbor about, twice now, and I've been more than nice about this. 
The main problem I have is that Buddy has my Titas barking. 
I can't let Titas out without those two barking and when Titas isn't 
outside, Buddy will sit at the fence barking... like he's 
trying to call Titas. 
I've been very patient about this but I'm feel like I'm at my breaking point. 
I'm considering printing out information about Beagles and ways to train your dog. Any suggestions?

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I seriously feel for you.  We had neighbors who's dogs barked ALL the time, and they were very mean rude people.  We ended up having to call the animal control officer numerous times because they just didn't care.  I found this website that has lots of helpful articles.  Hopefully one of them will be of use to you.  Good luck!!!


Hi Lexia,  Beagle bay, period. They bay loudly when they catch a scent, while playing with other dogs, when you’re not home...etc. It is hardwired.


On the other hand, herding Corgis are hardwired to respond to sight and sound :) For the sake of your neighbourhood, you two should have a strategic plan and work together.

We fostered a beagle mix named Sallie, and dear LORD did she bay! The only way we were able to manage it was with a 'hush' command, followed by treats and praise when she remained quiet. That, and we paired her with my dear great dane. He couldn't hear her baying, so he ignored her (and most of the time, slept on her). eventually she learned to cool her jets some, and we were able to find her a home.
That's a pretty interesting website. Not quite sure what to think about some of the info included there but definitely agree with Sam- contact with the neighbors to work out a strategy is a must.
I grew up with beagles and they bark a lot. In fact they were selectively bred to do that so they would be easier to follow while hunting. If my dogs bark in the yard whether it is in response to the neighbor's dog or anything else I immediately bring them in. Amazingly, they eventually learn that they will have to come in for barking! A firm No will help too. Can you talk to this neighbor about the barking? If so I would ask them to bring their dog in for barking too, it probably will not train the beagle but it will make training your corgi easier. Beagles were also bred to be very single minded about things. If the neighbor is not agreeable you may have to leash walk your dog instead of just putting him out in the yard or complain to the authorities. It is a drag but this will train your dog to be more barky than ever.

It's hard to misoverestimate how stressful dog barking can be to people.  Years ago, a neighbor from a block away (!) knocked on my door, mistaking my house for the source of the barking (we had no dog at the time; it was my neighbor).  This person was visibly upset and distraught, almost shaking, obviously very frustrated.   I listened to him vent for a LONG time... wondering how much more it would take to make him go postal.

This drives some people to poison dogs.

Get together with your neighbor and deal with this NOW, or you and your neighbors will suffer for a long time.  Do not hesitate, do it NOW.  It will help if you have positive suggestions to offer.

I would never recommend a beagle to anybody for this reason.  If you get a beagle, you had better be prepared to deal with the barking problem, or you will make a lot of people very unhappy for a long time.

This was my major reservation about getting a dog.  Mercifully, all 3 of our corgis have been largely silent.

Hi Lexia,We have a similar problem with a rescued Labrador retreiver next door.Plus My Hubby is a day sleeper who works a night shift :(.I found if the corgis can see thru the fence a little bit,it has actually helped stop the barking back.They can all say good morning etc,then go on about ther own yard sniffing.The funny thing about the neighbors,they shipped a resue  puppy up to Northern Ca from L.A.that was supposed to be an Aussie mix.Well,at 3 months,he was huge!!They couldn't figure out what he is,so they did a DNA test.No Aussie blood in site:lab,malamute and chow!!He has really helped calm down the rescued lab that barks too.


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