My 8 week old puppy will not bark!  She whines and I have heard her growl when she was with her litter mates...  She makes this motion with her mouth that looks like she might be trying, but nothing is coming out?  I'm sure I'm worrying about nothing (I usually do), but I was wondering if anybody has had a similar experience or could shed some light on the situation.  Thanks!

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I say EMBRACE it sister!!! Corky barks a lot and has a peircing loud bark that is always right when your dozing off, or he is barking at his bichon buddy NON-STOP!!! It is irritating and my husband detests it, and I am not fond of it either! So dont worry about it she will bark when she wants. I met another lady with a Corgi and she never barked either, I wish Corky had that gene, and a non shedding gene too!
Guinness is more of a grumbler than a barker, except at the doorbell, and every now and then he lets out a single, random bark. Finn's favorite thing to do is corner the cat and bark and bark and bark. He won't do anything to her except lunge and bark, and his bark is extremely loud! If he goes outside and barks at the dog who lives behind us, he sounds more like a hound dog than a corgi. He's an odd little dog. Every once in a while if he wants Guinness to play, he will look like he's barking at him, but nothing comes out. if I point my finger at him and tell him no, he does the same thing.
HaHaHa. I read your discussion and thought "COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS." I see Sam and I are on the same page on this. Your puppy will eventually bark when older and becomes more protective of you and your home. Reminds me when I was worried that my first born daughter (2-legged variety) slept too much!!!
Caius rarely barks, either. It's quite nice.
Bertie Wooster didn't bark until he was 9 or 10 months. I kept thinking, how odd, a silent Corgi. Then one day a woof came out -- and the woofs have just kept on coming. Enjoy it while you can.
Wait for it~~ it will come
Enjoy your corgis not barking just as I should have enjoyed my infant sleeping through the night! Count your blessings. You don't want a YIPPY corgi.
Count your blessings! I have one that won't quit, I think he even barks at invisible things LOL. Then there is Sonny, he didn't bark, so our college age son decided that he should make noise of some sort - he taught him to howl! A lady from down the road came to the door and was so surprised to see two corgis!!


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