Kobe's 5 months now, I want him to get used to being outside of his cage so when he gets older he won't need it but whenever I let him out, I usually play with him for about an hour or so and then leave him by my side with some chew toys and watch tv or go on my mac but once he gets bored he will start to bark non-stop and if I say "STOP" or "NO" he'll just get more frustrated and start to bite me. I've bled more than 3 times because of his bites.

A few minutes ago I was trying to claim the rubbish bin because he kept trying to bite it. I place it in the corner and stood in front of him to block his way, he kept barking and barking for more than 5 minutes and then he started to bite me really hard... I didn't know what to do.

Is this because he doesn't get enough exercise so he's too hyped up? He only gets let out of his cage for 5 hours or less everyday, because I'm at school most of the time and at home my parents don't trust to leave him to play in a room himself.

BTW today I brought in to the vet to take his last vaccination shot, the man said after 2 weeks I'll be able to bring him out to play and walk him.

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Hi Valerie, at 5 months your dog should have gone for many a long walk already.  Unfortunately there are Vets who give poor advice when it comes to behavior, if that is what your Vet advised.  You really have no time to lose in socializing him.  I would recommend, as soon as possible, a puppy class that you can take him to on the weekend when you are not in school and then work with him, indoors and outdoors, on the skills being taught. Here you can also get feedback from the trainer and others in class who may have more dog experience than you.

If your pup is out of his crate 5 hours out of 24, this is a sure recipe for behavior problems and is cruel to the dog.  I don't mean to be harsh and realize you have the best of intents, but the results will not please you and it will look like he's a "bad dog", which is unfair and will become a vicious circle as you try to correct him for something he really cannot help.  His physical and emotional needs have to be met and that requires a greater understanding by you, as well as your parents, of what a living creature like a dog needs.

If you're in school, you really should enlist your parent's help.  A good family discussion may be in order.  There are many good books on dog rearing and dog behavior available at any library and a lot of good information on this site that is archived.  Some homework on your part is in order.  There is no magic wand and the Shelters are full of dogs that lose their home because of issues and situations similar to yours.  I know you love your dog and want to do what is right for him and help him to become the good and fun companion you envisioned when you got him.  It is not too late.

I agree, at 5 months old he should have lots of walks outside by now. Usually by their second set of shots (which is like...12 weeks usually?) they are protected enough to go for outings. I would definitely start exercising him more. Is there anyone who can come and play with him when you're gone? 19-20 hours in a crate is a REALLY long time IMO, especially for a growing puppy. I would honestly be concerned about his health being confined in such a small area for such a long time.

The man???? What man is that? the vet or the tech?

the vet..

At his age at minimum he needs a couple 15/20 minute walks are a necessity. I agree a basic class would be a really big help. If you can not do that google puppy training or pick up a couple puppy training books. Corgis are cute as can be but have a need for training and exercise.

Valerie, in your post you say the puppy is 5 months old, but I just now looked at your profile and there you write that your puppy was born November 16, 2011, which would make him just turned 3 months old.  In pups, there is a huge difference between 3 months and 5 months and now what the Vet said makes somewhat more sense.  All the rest I wrote would still be in order, but what this means is that you have a much greater chance of success if you do the right things with him.  His energy level and activity level are going to increase grEatly from when you got him and you need to make arrangements accordingly.  GOOD LUCK.

Sorry I meant to say 4 months, he was actually born in October 16th. I think i wrote it wrong on the profile..

I'm not allowed to take him out for walks yet but there's a gym in my apartment and I was thinking of bringing him to walk on the treadmill for 15-30 minutes a day?

I agree with Anna. Not to sound harsh, but having a puppy requires more time than 5 hours a day. It really is cruel and probably detrimental to his growth to do so. Maybe you could talk to yor parents or a family friend about taking him out during the day?
Hi,Valerie, it seems you have your puppy crated up a looooong time, he needs to get out more,I would be having him out for walks, even if they are not long ones, just get him out for walks,be careful but let him meet other dogs, let him meet people, he needs to get out, so he doesn't get aggressive Ilove to read books, one book I read suggested that a dog should meet at least 300 people in its first year,my benson met many people in his first year(dunno if it was 300) but he is such a pushover for people now.Valerie, I really think you need to get your pup out more!

Hi Val,

first-time corgi mom here, while reading your post I could relate to your away-from-home schedule.  I leave hm from 7am and back only at 8pm, so thats half a day gone.  My little Paddles has just turned 4months as well and the vet told me the same thing since her 2nd and third jab "no outdoors till 2 weeks later blahetyblahetyblah".  Balderdash I'd say!  I invited friends over on the initials days after her shots and took her out on the 3rd day after her jab.

What I did was to convert her sleeping area instead of a crate, to a playpen with a toilet so she could have space to walk abt and the opposite area to pee/poo in the day.  When I go to work in the day I would leave toys in the playpen and a frozen kong just before I leave the house.  I would also turn the tv or radio on to let her get accustomed to different sounds etc etc.

When I get home I would take her out for at least 20min walk at the park near my house and feed her dinner there.  In fact all her meals are in form of a puzzle to stimulate her mentally, no food bowls whatsoever.  In terms of socialising I've also engaged puppy daycare once every weekday to take her out to socialise with other dogs while I'll take her out myself on weekends.  That makes at least 3 out of 7days a week with socialising.  I know I should do much more but its the best I could manage at the moment.

So in summary, you may want to consider:

- converting her sleeping area into a playpen/x-pen with a toilet attached in the day

- consider puppy class/daycare services at least once a week

- DAILY WALKS. I think the vet is not wrong, just that they often ignore the psychosocial development part of the puppy

- skip the food bowls and mentally stimulate the pup by serving food in puzzles.

good luck!  Its hard work - but Im enjoying every moment of it :)



Kylie, although your situation is less than ideal, I admire the thought, effort and commitment you display as well as your sensitivity to your pup's needs. All this is the best indicators of future success.  Keep it up!  I hope you inspire others whose pups have to be alone as long as yours.


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