Luna is coming close to a year old. Tonight she was going nuts about something outside. I walked around the yard to check, but saw and found nothing. She was running circles around my garage and barking through the fence at my neighbors yard. It was mildly windy, but nothing new for her in regards to weather. I finally gave up and made her come inside. She continued to growl lowly under her breath and bark here and there. This is new behavior and I'm not sure if I'm missing something :-(

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She probably smelled something.  An evil rabbit or something. ;) Don't discount the amount of information dogs intake thru there nostrils.  Their sense of smell is way beyond anything we experience and it plays a huge roll in how they interact with their environment.

Something's up. Her ruckus may have chased it (him?) away. I take this kind of thing seriously, though try not to get hysterical about it. Remain calm. You're the boss, and you set the tone.

There was something...unseen to the human! I can tell by Wynn's bark what's going on. he has a special "alert" bark when something "not right" is going on. I listen to him because it's been people in our yard or things like that!

Maybe it was a Fairy! Corgis are known for this...I don't really call it a behavior but they really are smart and something was "off" or making her suspicious!


A German shepherd made a believer of this day I suspect she actually did sense some sort of spirit.

Ahem. Assuming such things exist....


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