I recently graduated college with my Bachelors in Business Management/Entrepreneurship. I have been hunting for jobs that arent scams...

Petsmart has offered me a training position. I do not know what the hours are like yet.

Do any of my corgi friends have experience working at Petsmart? I have read the reviews online, and they kind of scare me. I realized that most reviews are bias, and are written when people are mad. Is it possible to make the most of it?


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I think most people caution that Petsmart is kinda of a begining step for trainers just starting out which could lead to some people not being overly happy with somethings. Just give it a try what could it hurt?
I'd say go for it! In this economy a job's a job, and you can always quit ;)

I only know people that have worked at the pet hotel daycare boarding center in Petsmart but they were happy with the job
Talk to Cindi, she's a trainer for petsmart. Also register at glassdoor.com and read the reviews, interview, salary info.
Hi! I'm Cindi (that Sam mentioned) and yes I'm a PetSmart trainer and have been for several years now. I LOVE my job!! PetSmart, as a company, is excellent with good benefits. Of course, your local management team has a lot to do with how fun it is at your store. But, I can say that this has been the best job I've had. I'm 51 and have a doctorate and wouldn't give this up for the world. It's so wonderful to see your puppies grow up and go through the different class levels. Some of my clients have become good friends and their dogs are like my own children.

On the downside, it is quite simple. PetSmart's training program is positive, reward-based and regimented. You are required to teach their program. They frown on you stepping outside of that mold. But, there are ways to work your skills into the classes and I often meet with clients outside of class (inside PetSmart) to work on issues they face. The "private" time gives me a bit more leeway on what I do.

If you want more, feel free to email me: cindi_g@comcast.net
I'd go for it too. Would you get a discount?? That right there could be reason enough ;) Do you think you would want to go into the pet service industry at some point? Because if so, this could be a good start. And even if you wanted to do something totally different, I think you would gain skills that could be useful for any job - teaching others and leading a class shows great people skills. And it sounds like fun. I've always wondered if that'd be something I like to do. Good luck!
Thank you everyone for the kind words! I have my interview tomorrow and I will be asking questions haha
Best of luck to you!


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