I didn't take a lot of puppy pictures, but I put this together to show how a RHT color changes. Do you have pics of your adult dog and their baby pictures to compare? And yes I let her get a little chubby. She is at a nice slim weight today. (we'll see about tomorrow)

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My Casey as a baby and when he was getting chemo at 7 years old.

Awww...the eyyes say it all. Bless his heart.

I love this thread.  So fun to look at!  Here are Jerry's photos:

12 Weeks

3 months

5 Months

8 Months

10 Months

Love his pretty face :)

Milo at 5 weeks - love that bulls eye

Around 1 year old in Del Mar, CA

Three years old now.

Question: What does RHT mean? Aside from "really cute" I assume it is a trait. Does it have to do with markings?

Red headed tri.

The top is my Cardi Lucy the day we brought her home at 9 weeks old.  The bottom is Lucy more recently, who is now 11 months old :)

Penny! In the breeder post, when we first got her and at about 4 months old at Halloween.
Also about 10 months and yesterday at just over a year old. Such a big girl now, I can't believe it!

Our beautiful Pem, unfortunately passed away two months ago.

Top left: 4 weeks old

Down left: 8 weeks old

Top right: 4 months old

Down right: 6 months old

she didn't change much from then on.

Here she is at 1 year old

Our precious Mello, probably a red or blonde cardigan. We would have loved to see them together!

Top left: 6 weeks old

Down left: 8 weeks old

Top right: 9 weeks old

Down right: 11 weeks old (this week)

She is losing some of the black on her nose, but i think it's going to stay :D

Here's my sweet little dude at 8 weeks, then 1 year in the same doggie bed!  :D


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