Hi everyone!  My 7 month old Pembroke Tobi has improved over the last couple of weeks. Less accidents in the house, less barking and biting. But, I have some questions. Why is it that whenever someone tries to be nice and pet him or scratch his belly that he finds the need to bite? For example, I'll get on the floor with him to pet him and he'll crawl into my lap and immediately start nipping. Is this because he's still a puppy? He also loves going out for walks, but bites when we try to put his leash on and once its on he is perfectly fine for the most part. Any advice or responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

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No he should not still be biting. Somehow he is not getting the message. I had success with a very high pitched overly dramatic yelp (screech) every time the teeth came out and a time out if it continued (absence of attention is a powerful training tool). Be very consistent! It is never OK for some dogs to bite stuff if they are prone to overdoing it.

He's too old for puppy biting IMO, it's become an undesirable behavior now. Has he been through any puppy or obedience classes? If not I would highly recommend it. If he bites you when you sit on the floor I would immediately give a firm NO and get up and walk away, and totally ignore him for a few minutes. Definitely do not sit there and allow him to nip at you. If he persists and follows you around trying to nip you, then I would put him on a 10 minute time out. As far as the leash, I guess I would try coaxing him with treats. Start with just giving him a treat for looking at the leash (you could do this with a clicker too), and slowly work your way up to hooking it to his collar, dispensing treats as you go. You may need to be very patient. 

Biting is never ok, even if it is just nipping. Here's a past discussion with links to other discussions about biting: http://www.mycorgi.com/forum/topics/6-5-month-corgi-random-biting-i.... Have you considered obedience classes? That would take care of a lot of these issues
Thanks for the responses everyone! Money has been a little tight, but I just got a job so Tobi will be going to obedience classes in September!


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