I was sitting in the grove enjoying the weather when Bella was a bit aways in tall grass. I finally got up as she wouldn't come when I called her several times. First I thought it was mice and then realized it was baby bunnies...anyone have any ideas if she'll get sick? I will call the vet to see when I should worm her.  Wynn managed to get one or 2 when he saw what she had...  Oh, Bella!!!!!!!!!

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I HATE armadillos! Be glad they outrun your boys. They can carry leprosy.

I would love to see what Bella would do with an armadillo...although she will never get the chance:(

they are nasty creatures--very prehistoric looking, I think. There have been occasions when one is cornered and sort of curls up in a ball and the Corgis have a barking fiesta.  My husband's grandmother had a purse made from an armadillo "shell" and tail in mouth made the handle. Since it's a family heirloom from about 1910,  I haven't had the nerve to throw it away but it's tucked away in the garage!


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