The Call Me Maybe Corgi video made me think of how many other good corgi vids there are on youtube, so I thought we should have a list and share.  These are my faves, please add yours! 


Sparky Keltic Kibble Dance  (My personal favorite!)


Call Me Maybe - Corgi Remix


Corgi Flop


Queen Watches Corgis At Heathrow  (Like a clown car..)


Corgi Tetherball Game

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Is a good one:)

I dunno many I've watched by name:P

The Best of Sparky Kibble Dancing

Though that's just a spin off of what you listed:P

That was a cute video, and I learned something new today - that you can call Flemish people Flems. 


And I fixed the link to the kibble dance, it's pretty much the same footage, just to a song by The Chieftans that's pretty cute.

At 4:01 of the first video... Somebody has decided to add Shippo!

Sparky's kibble dance is definitely my favorite. Don't forget poor little Butterball trying to go down the stairs. There are a LOT of negative comments on this one, but the little guy is still adorable.

Corgi Going Down a Jumbo Slide

This one came to my mind right away.  Its funnier than I remembered!  BREAKIN THE LAW!

Twinkie has a much less energetic video called "Curling With Corgis."

Oh I'd never seen this one!  It's hilarous....that is quite a frap!

I LOVE "Breakin' the Law!"

I like ferris helps dot matrix escape. I think it shows how smart corgis are!

I also love Breaking The Law but my favorite is the one where the corgi does a FRAP during an obedience competition but I can not remember the name! I know they are on mycorgi maybe they will remind me.

Oh, I LOVE that one, I think of it often when my baby is frapping in the yard!

I think this is the one you are talking about Bev...



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