Hi everyone! Tommy LOVES playing outside, pushing and chasing balls around ... however, I haven't been able to find anything that can withstand his punishment.  Soccer balls are a complete waste of money because he has them deflated or ripped apart in no time.  His basketball has held up the best but he plays so hard that it causes the brim of his nose to bleed from pushing it around so vigorously! Does anyone have any suggestions for a type/brand of ball that can withstand a corgi and yet not be so hard on the nose? Thanks so much! 

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The only balls that last FOREVER around here are the small Chuck It balls but they are for catching...perfect size for a corgi.  My bigger balls I just reflate with a bike pump.

thanks, Jane! I'll have to try one of those! Even though Tommy would rather the push the ball around with his nose than bother with catching it, maybe I can convert him! :)

Get the double pack of orange with the blue stripe, NOT the tennis ball:)

Thanks, Jane!!! :)


Chuck It makes a large ball also.

Another thought, they make balls for horses to play with. They are tough, hard plastic.

Thank you!! Great idea! I had no idea they made balls for horses to play with!! 

Handball, it is smaller, just make sure the store inflates it to the max.

Thank you!! I would have never thought of handball!!! :)

You want one like this: http://www.amazon.com/Jolly-Pet-10-Inch-Push-n-Play-Red/dp/B0006G56...

They are indestructible and great for herding! I have one in 6 inch size and 10 inch size.

Fantastic, thank you!! I have the jolly ball with the rope in it and its a great product. Great idea!! :)

Have you tried a Jolly Ball? They were originally made for horses but they make them for dogs now. They come in a bunch of differenty styles and varieties


thanks, Melissa! I think I will definitely try the jolly ball push-n-play for sure! much appreciated! :)


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