Luigi can be so sweet sometimes but then get into a biting frenzy. I tell him no in a stern voice and tried using a spray bottle with water in it. I know biting is the way puppies play but it is getting too much. I don't know what else to do. Does anyone have any advice to help this issue?

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First, try to figure out what sets off the biting frenzy.  Is it a certain toy or game, does it happen right after he wakes up, etc.  Then try to stay away from those triggers.  If he gets into a biting frenzy, telling him "no" or spraying him is just going to get him more worked up.  The best thing to do is just get up, walk away, and ignore him.  If he continues to bite at your ankles as you walk away, leave the room and shut the door so he can't get to you.  Give him a few minutes to calm down, then go back to him as if nothing happened.  If he comes to you without biting, give him attention and praise.  If he starts biting again, leave.  He will quickly figure out the equation:  Bites = No attention, No bites = Attention.

Do not spray him. He is a puppy & interacts with the world using his mouth. Just show him that human body parts are an unacceptable thing to bite. Always have a play-toy on hand for when a "biting frenzy" begins so you have an acceptable object to redirect his play instincts towards. If you cannot successfully redirect his attention to the toy and he keeps biting you then playtime is over and you simply walk away and have a time out. He will make the connection & catch on in time.

I used a very dramatic high pitched yelp everytime the teeth touched skin. If he continues to bite then a time out. I am afraid that the spraying will be misconstrued as a game to a puppy. I know it works for some dogs but my corgi seemed to like it!

Nipping is part of being a Corgi. They do eventually grow out of it. However, make sure he has plenty of things to chew, don't play rough, and when they bit yelp and turn your back on them. Ein grew out of it pretty quickly. It was at about 4-5 months she finally stopped nipping all the time. However, corgi's nip due to being a corgi.


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