Wynn had bladder stones about a year ago and now they're back. He was to the vet 2 weeks ago and was put on antibiotics since no stones could be seen. Talked with another vet this AM and evidently the Struvite bladder stones need to found using a radiograph and if he does have he will need surgery to get rid of this type of stone. Anyone have experience with these stones? Wynn is 11 but healthy so I will need to have this done unless the vet advises differently after his Tuesday appointment.

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I discussed this here a long time ago.  Rereading the discussion, I see things I had forgotten about how we figured out her diet. I also recall the rightful caveats other people came up with. I don't have a source for this except for my vet. The dry food I was giving her is no longer available, but I have found another. It took me forever to find the previous discussion, but here it is:     

Bladder Infection???

The goal is to keep the ph balance of the urine in close to neutral. Basically, it's a focus on the quality of the protein, not the quantity. Poultry and egg are ok for protein. Beef, lamb, fish, dairy are not. No peanut butter or wheat or corn. No senior food. There's a list of veggies that are ok and those that aren't. High quality dog food, unfortunately, has a lot of that in it. I've gone to a single ingredient food (1 protein, 1 grain, 1 fat) with rice and chicken. She now gets a food that has only one of the forbidden foods (tiny amount). If you have problems after using a limited ingredient food, you have fewer foods to consider as the potential problems.

You also want the urine diluted, as well as ph balanced and crystal free. Lilli is not big drinker. She is, however, a big eater (sound familiar?) So I put her kibbles in a slow feed bowl, that is half filled with water. In order to chase down all those floating kibbles she has to gobble down all the water with them. Ta da!

It's been 7 years, she's been clear since then. We are adamant about keeping her on diet. Except for rabbits. Sometimes she eats a rabbit :(  She is eating a local brand dog food now (Mounds), as California Natural is no longer available.

I hope this is helpful, or starts a conversation with your vet.

Thanks Julia...after this last episode I will keep him on the food he is on. He still is having blood in his urine so I hope we can get him healed up soon. Could possible be from all the tests yesterday...don't know but he's acting fine!

I add water to Wynn's food at mealtime and that increases his intake. I do that for all my Corgis!

Over here, I started adding water to Ruby the Corgi Pup's food, too, for the same reason. The air is very dry here, so it seems likely that even if the dog is drinking water at a normal-looking rate, she might not be getting enough.

Do other corgis seem to have trouble ingesting water? Both Ruby and Cassie tend to choke when they lap water. Is this a function of their pointy muzzles?

Wynn always laps up his water across to the other side of the bowl. He stands on the one side but licks from across the water and up...maybe it works better that way? Or is he just being Wynn?

Hmmm... I wonder if their bowl is too big? It's a big old German shepherd bowl...it's 9 inches across. With their little short legs, they may not be able to reach all the way across.

Okay, I've retrieved the  old GerShep food dishes, which are about 6 1/2 inches wide...and...by golly! As we scribble, Ruby just went over there and lapped up a great swiggle without choking! And yes, her head did extend all the way over to the far edge of the bowl...though I couldn't see t hat she was licking upward.

So we have two smaller dishes down there...I've used the big ones because in this heat they go through a lot of water. When Charley the Golden Retriever is here, the three of them will drink a bowl dry during the course of a day, so then I put down both of the giant GerShep water dishes.

OMG what a day....have been working since 5 a.m....it's 6 p.m. now. I'm turning into a troglogyte!

I go back and forth with large water bowls vs small too.

When my old Springer needed to be switched to a raised bowl the Corgi decided she had to use it too. She chokes and coughs when she drinks now, but will NOT go back to drinking from her own bowl on the floor. Must be a status thing.

BTW, my cat does the same. Ignores his own water to drink out of the raised dog dish. Go figure. Whatever bowl you give them, they're going to choose their own.

Looks like I will have to go back to the vet again! I'm not satisfied with the last visit and will ask for my vet that I like best!

Sorry to hear that! Good luck.

GOOD NEWS!!!!!!!!

Took Wynn again today due to a small amount of pink tinged blood in his urine. Vet did all the tests including a radiograph, prostate check,labs and a urine check and there are no stones. Blood (which is barely pink now) may still be the affect of the stones.He is on antibiotics as he said the labs showed another thing it could be so this would take care of it.

Teddy went along and Dr.Phil said it was a very bad case of "jock itch" so he now needs to have medicine in a tube inserted into his "boy parts" as it's not just on the outside, he already seems more comfortable tonight! 

Wow!!!! That IS great news! What a relief that must be for you!

Anna the GerShep picked up a vaginal yeast infection in her dotage. Had to have myconazole treatments, just like a woman. It worked...I had NO idea dogs were prone to the same genital infections as humans. Vet said to be careful she didn't get damp down there and stay that way: keep her dried off.


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