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Baxter is a year and four months.  This past week he has been gagging white foam typically during the early morning and never during the day.  Last Saturday he had regurgitated his food and Wednesday and last night threw up minimal amounts of white foam.  He is his usual energetic self without any excessive drooling, anxiety, and is eating his food with a pretty healthy appetite.

Just now, I heard his stomach gurgling for 2-3 minutes but has since gone away.  I palpated his tummy, which does not appear to be distended.  I checked his gums, and they appear to be normal.  Could this be attributed to allergies since it only happens at night/early morning after he's spent a few hours in his bed?  We air it out occasionally.

By the way, he's on Taste of the Wild.  He eats 1/2 cup in the morning and 1/4 cup at lunch and around 7:30-8:00 at night.  He goes to bed around 9.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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I've heard it could be caused by an empty stomach (don't know myself but someone on here mentioned it). So maybe decrease his morning to 1/4 and increase his night meal to 1/2 cup?  That's my only thought and it's not from 1st hand experience, but it is a possible solution.

This was happening to Stuart and my vet said that it's probably the empty stomach problem. We solved it by giving him a little snack about an hour before bed. Usually it's a tooth brush chewy thing or bits of whatever veggie we had with dinner (broccoli, green beans, or salad bits like cucumber slices and carrot). 

I don't know why exactly but Sage had sometning like this and eats TOTW. I would try adding about 1/2 cup of warm water to his meals and see if this helps. I have continued to do this, I know it sounds starnge but it seems like she needed the water with her food maybe because she didn't drink enough ???

I love TOTW for him both for the nutritional value and price.  I've been mixing water in his food for the past couple of months.  I noticed that he wasn't drinking enough during the day, and his pee was a bit concentrated.

I would up his 1/4 at night to 1/2...at his age he should be getting 1 full cup a day in my opinion, and it sounds like he's regurgitating stomach acid from an empty stomach overnight!
(my ex and I fed his 18 pound pem 1 cup a day...my 1 year old cardi gets 1 and 3/4 to 2 cups a day and he's 27 pounds)

Baxter is 19 pounds, and he gets a total of one cup a day.  I'm thinking of switching his morning to 1/4 cup, which would leave 1/4 cup for lunch and 1/2 cup before bed.  His last meal is typically an hour before bedtime.

Oh ok! Sorry I read that as 3/4 a cup a day total! Yeah I'd give the most before bed, and I'm sure he'll be fine : )

I'd try giving him a cookie or a bit of kibble right before bed.


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