alright so here we go again, as usual it's the same dog, Torque. she seems to be prone to issues lol but i love her never the less. so starting last night, she was straining to poop when i would take the girls out to potty. nothing was coming out until this morning & it wasn't super watery just gooey....loose. but after her early morning potty time she hasn't pooped again, she has already had 1 of her meals for the day. but she is still trying, every times we go out to potty, she will try to poop & will try for as long as she is outside. she now has a small amount of bloody liquid coming out when she is straining. i have started her on rice today & i just happened to make chicken broth popsicles for them yesterday so they could have something to do & not be bored. so she is getting broth as well. i keep them blocked off in a room that has been doggy proofed & i keep it clean & free of small items. they only roam free around the house when i am stationary in one part of the house (had my 12th spinal surgery about 5 week ago, so i have to have down time during the day, so i just use that opportunity to play/train with them & let them get out of their room), but they r not allow of my sight & they know where they r allowed & not allowed. if she ate something, i don't know what or when, i keep a very close eye on them. she is acting like her happy normal self, she isn't lethargic & is more than happy to eat. we did do some new things in this last week:
last weekend the both got their 1st rabies shots
yesterday, they got their first peanut butter jar to lick & clean out (i cut the jar in half & melted the edges smooth so it wouldn't cut them)
i took them outside yesterday to play soccer as well as catch bubbles (ordinary plain jane bubbles.)
yesterday while playing soccer, torque ran right in front of the ball after i kicked it & it hit her in the face (not sure if that could have caused enough stress to make her poop blood, but just in case)....i felt bad but it wasn't intentional
not that i think this would have an affect on her, but during play they got thirsty & they got a drink out of the duck pool which had some duck poop on the bottom of the pool but the water was clear. they eat duck & chicken poop all the time though (they are not knowingly allowed to eat it) so it's nothing new
any ideas as to what it can be? they are both up to date on all their shot, on flea meds, & take heart worm protection.
Torque with pb on her nose = ]

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Our first corgi used to have bouts of bloody stools. We knew it was coming if she refused to eat her breakfast. After several tests to rule out parasites, blockages, foreign bodies, etc., our vet said it was similar to irritable bowel syndrome in humans. We put her on a special kibble mix (half regular and half "low residue" as she refused to eat the low residue by itself) which helped quite a bit. She'd still have an occasional bout, but much less severe and much less frequently. When she did have a bout, we'd do several small meals of the rice with plain low fat yogurt or cottage cheese for a day or two to give her tummy a rest, then gradually mix some of her kibble into it at each feeding. We'd also limit access to large amounts of water at a time, giving her only a small amount or a few melty ice cubes at a time. Think of how hard it is on your gut to drink lots of water when you have a stomach ache.
thanks for the advice. torque more so than lowlow has loose stools, & sometimes they look real slimy. i can understand the i.b.s. in some ways as i myself am gluten & lactose intolerant & it has very similar effects on me. so i will keep going with the rice & try to avoid her normal kibble & c how that helps. that food u gave ur first corgi, is it vet prescribed? i don't have a problem taking her to the vet for it, it's just this last month we have had trouble with our bank so money is short again.
luckily, earlier this afternoon, she passed a tiny bit of stool a bit more solid & some that was loose. at least it is something.
The low residue was something we got from the vet. Have you called your vet about this? It seems as if it's been going on a while. Ask about grain free kibble; many dogs have a lot of trouble digesting grain products. There are many fillers and ingredients in kibble (and people food) that are grain based that don't sound like they'd come from grains, so be careful with that. Beneful has grain products in it; most of the "grocery store" kibbles do. Grain free is more expensive and harder to find, but if it solves the poop issue it's worth it. The bright yellow vomit you mention below sounds like bile. Our current corgi used to vomit bile in the morning sometimes; we divided her meals into three smaller meals, one right before bed, so she has something in her tummy overnight and that helped eliminate the bile vomit in the mornings. She is on a rice & lamb kibble but she doesn't have troubles with the grain. We seem to find the "health issue" corgis, but we love them anyhow!!!
Bird poo is notoriously bad for them. I know it is hard to stop but have a stool sample checked. You can just drop it off at the vet so they only charge for analysis much cheaper than an office visit. Sparty had problems until I moved the bird feeders out of the back yard.
hmmm interesting. but y would it start effecting her now & not earlier? we havin't go back to the back yard since this started so that's covered. this morning she finally passed a fair amount of stool, not watery but loose. so it's not a blockage i wouldn't think
so about 30 minutes ago i just found bright yellow vomit on the floor, i can only believe that it is torques as she thought she was in trouble for it (she wasn't) & she is the only one i can imagine at this point who would throw.....i'm callin the vet to see what they think
Hello, Robyn. Sorry your pup is having bloody stools. My Charlie used to have bloody stools and I discovered, by process of elimination, that he is allergic to corn. What type of food are your pups eating and if it has any grain, that could be your problem. I have been taking one of my dogs to an animal behaviorist and she advised that dogs that are allergic to grain can develop problems to any type of starchy carbs. (my Charlie also has itchy skin problems). I just switched him to grainfree, starchfree food this week. We will see if he gets better. However, eliminating corn from his food took care of the bloody stool almost immediately. Hopefully, your Torque will get better. You may like to check out the allergy group. Keep us updated.
thanks lisa! i feed the beneful for puppies & have feed it to them since a week after i got them at 10 weeks old. i'm going to read the label as soon as i get done typing this. sometimes i wonder if torque is one of those dog that is going to have issues all her life (i feel her pain though as i don't have the best health myself). she has an eye that doesn't produce tears, the breeder i got her from gave her to me cause she knew i would make sure she was taken care of. she got an infection on some sort in the first few weeks of owning her, which she had a bloody discharge from her lady parts (yes i am a grown adult who don't like to say the v word lol). the doc had no clue what it was but it was cured by antibiotics. & now this bloody poop. torque's sister, lowlow, never has an issue in the world.
ok so an update, torque passed a normal solid poop earlier, i grabbed it in a baggy to take to the vet tomorrow if i need to. but no more vomit & she doesn't have ne blood in her poop ne more. she has been taken off her kibble & is still on rice at the moment as well as broth. she is getting better it seems but i'm keep my eyes open
ok so i took torque out for her morning potty break & she still has loose stool but not watery. u could definitely tell that there was rice in it but it was bright yellow. i'm thinking it is the chicken broth. so i'm switching her to mashed potatos & turkey to c what results i get
ok so update, torque took a poop tonight & it was solid!!!!!! i think the combo of boiled turkey & mash potatoes was what she needed. i am giving her mash potatoes with a little kibble to see how that works
what are ur recommendations for foods? they don't like iams at all so that isn't an option.
this morning i took them out & torque had a solid poop again but she seemed to be straining again. & last night i gave her the mash potatos with a little dog's gotta b the dog food.
but u would think if it was the dog food that lowlow would b having issues to & she isn't
ok, so i'll look into healthier foods for them. broth seems to bother her so i stopped giving it to her, she would throw it back up or her poop came out bright yellow & still loose. we have a pet food store right down the road, i'll check them out


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