Hi everyone, I know there are tons of posts about this topic, believe me I read most of them throughout the night. So Milly is sick again. She had loose stools Sunday to Monday twice. Yesterday she was fine and had a normal poop. Last night about 6 she started with diarrhea and vomiting. She stopped vomiting about 3 this morning but the diarrhea continued every half an hour to hour. About 6:30 this morning, she started to expel bloody water. There is no fecal matter left, just blood and liquid. She is drinking water but looks sick and it's been awhile since she peed. I called the vet this morning and we are going in at 10 but I'm really scared. It seems like the blood is dripping out of her anus and all the white fur around is red. I am using damp cloths to gently clean her. She had gastrentitis (sp?) last year in May but not this much blood. Nothing in life has changed. No added stress, no new food. Milly is 6. The only thing I can think of is that on Sunday she played outside and did some exploring on her own now that the snow is melting. Our yard is fenced and there are no chemicals/ pesticides used. Any advice? I'm really worried!

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How scary! I don't really have any advice, no, except that you are doing the right thing in taking her to the vet as soon as they open. I hope she feels better soon. Please keep us posted.

I'm so sorry to hear this about Milly. I've been dealing with bloody diarrhea with Noodles off and on for a month now and have come to the conclusion it is his dry food (I switched his food to Blue Buffalo senior formula almost a year ago, so I'm not sure why it is just now bothering his system). I took him in to the vet and they told me he must have eaten something and put him on a special wet food, a probiotic, Pepcid and anti-diarrhea medicine. His anti-diarrhea medicine had finished and same with the Pepcid (on both of those for 2 weeks), so I thought we were good to go. After only being on his food for 2 days (the other days I had mixed his dry food in with the wet), he was back to having bloody diarrhea. I removed him from his dry food again, started the Pepcid back up and since I had 2 cans left of the wet food, he was back on that. Once back on that, he has been doing fine. I've ordered more of the wet food and that will arrive today. I don't know what changed with his body, but I'm convinced the food he has been eating is no longer agreeing with his intestines. He had a normal bowel movement last night on our walk and that was the first one since Saturday morning (I'm assuming it is because of the wet food he is eating). I'm giving him Purina Veterinary Diets EN gastroenteric. He loves it and it seems to agree with his tummy. They also have a dry version of the food, so once I feel he is doing okay again, I think I'll get some of the dry to mix in with the wet and see how he does. Oh, Noodles turns 9 in June. Please keep us all informed on what the doctor says about Milley.

I find it rather odd how many of us are dealing with this issue with our dogs and not just corgi's either.

Update - So we went to the vet this morning. She didn't seem overly concerned as apparently springtime is the time for this sort of illness. With the snow melting our puppies are finding interesting things to snack on outside. So either Milly ate something or she has the doggie flu. We got the saline solution under the skin, an anti-nauseau shot, antibiotics to take for a week and pepcid. Bloodwork was run but we won't hear back until tomorrow. She looks so funny with all those watery bumps around her body. She is really tired and when we got home she still had two bloody poops. Without getting gross, this is just water and bright red blood. Her hind area smells like iron and apparently thats from the blood. I just want the blood to stop, it's terrifying every time I see it. If it doesn't stop by tomorrow, we are to call the vet back.I will try to get her to eat something this evening so that she can take her meds but she has absolutely no interest in food at all. I will try tuna as that is another favourite. Thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

I don't have any advice but I wanted to add my good thoughts and prayers that they can get this under control and figure out what is going on.  Please keep us posted.

I kind of don't get the it's springtime and dogs get into things.  I can understand it if the dog is roaming but in a controlled environment such as a walk or you own yard...I don't understand.  I've had dogs all my life so I've been thru a lot of spring times and have never experienced anything like that.  Maybe I'm exceptionally lucky...I don't know.

Since we have several pups here having similar issues I did some looking around.  I believe that all of us are aware of the dangers of the chicken jerky treats or tenders.  But it also covers those made with duck, sweet potatoes and dried fruit.  That I didn't know but I don't use them anyways.  I'm pretty sure most people know that it's all those other ones too but since I didn't know I thought I would post it.  Vomiting, bloody diarrhea, decreased appetite seem to be the major complaints.  It can start within hours of ingesting the treat or several days.

Has she been eating anything? I would boil some chicken, mix it with some plain rice and see if she can hold down a few tablespoons of that. I've also given vanilla pediasure when I was worried they weren't getting enough liquids/nutrients and they didn't seem interested in food. I'm not sure I would give tuna on an upset tummy.

Jane, she has no interest in food whatsoever. I boiled chicken and rice for her and she absolutely loves that and wouldn't touch it at all. I did buy the gastro wet food from the vet that she enjoyed before and nothing. She would sell her soul for fish so that is why I asked the vet about a little tuna. I need to get two antibiotics down her somehow tonight. Last time this happened a year or so ago, the vet told me to buy some paedialyte but today they said no because she will have her electrolytes replenished with the saline solution. 

Poor baby :-(. I hope she is ok and it gets sorted quickly. How scary!

Not that she has much to give, but did they take a stool sample? Linus had horrible bloody diarrhea last year and it turned out to be hookworms.

Any update with Milly? Hoping to hear good news!
Update- so Milly is doing great! She finishes her antibiotics tonight, had normal stool and as of a few minutes ago back to just her kibble without the gastro food. It was tough getting here. She just looked awful and for days following this episode, had to be hand fed and slept so much. We eased into walks a few days ago and she was ecstatic lol. My concern is that docs can't tell us whether it is a flu or she got into something. We walked the yard and looked everywhere and couldn't see anything she could have gotten into. This happened last spring too, so maybe it's the annual flu? Thanks so much for your support and good thoughts, it means so much :)
Hi Dana, I'm curious if the vets found anything on her bloodwork? My mothers corgi, Maddie, has a sensitive pancreas and so she will get boughs of pancreatitis if she eats rich foods or off foods. Those symptoms are similar; bloody stool, vomiting bile, dehydration sand no appetitie. Her last one was really scary. But she hasn't had one for a couple years now. It took a bit for the vets to diagnose her.
I'm happy your Milly is feeling better!


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