We have to go out of town in October for my sisters 40th birthday.  I wish it could have been something planned in Illinois, but its not and we have ourselves a dilemma.  


I was looking on opinions on boarding our recent rescue Tucker.  We have had him six months (September 6th).  We would be gone for 2 nights and a day.   I am not sure if this would cause any issues, don't want him to change while we our gone for the two days. Would boarding him remind him of the time he spent at the shelter? 


If we do board him, we would not have any play time set up with other dogs, as we don't want him to bring home anything Lance could catch since he is dealing with immune issues. Just being at the boarding place, would that put Lance at risk for catching something from Tucker even if Tucker doesn't play with other dogs? 


My mother in law and father in law will be watching Lance since we aren't able to board Lance because of his health issues. I think one dog for them to take care of is plenty.  He will keep them busy enough just with all the bathroom breaks he needs to take with the meds he is on. 


I would prefer to bring Tucker with us, but my husband for some reason wants me to look into boarding Tucker, which he usually wants to bring him with us as well.  We are renting a house that we will be sharing with my brother and his fiance and my other brother, his wife and their 18 month old daughter. 


The only reason I can think my husband is more willing to board this time is because we will have to pay a 100.00 pet fee to bring Tucker, and that is basically what it would cost us to board him here.  I am not sure how much we will be out and about while on our trip, it may be nice to board him.  I still am not 100 percent sure what I want to do yet. We have boarded Lance once in his life, when we went to Disney three years ago, other than that he goes with us on our vacations.  Tucker also went on our family vacation this past July.  What to do, what to do, that is the question!!!  Any advice would be appreciated. 


One more note, the place we would board Tucker, if we do, is the same place we boarded Lance, so I am ok with where we are thinking of boarding him, I just am not sure if it is a good idea to board a rescue and with Lances health issues, if it is risky to have Tucker stay there and possibly bring something back to Lance?


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I also wish he could stay with us...but you are way too far away to make it convenient.

I wish I had some good advice to give to you, but I am not sure hat would be best to do.  My husband would never allow anyone to separate him from Calvin by any means, and now that I have started dialysis, I can't travel at all.  I vote for you to take him with you if you can.  I would imagine he would think he was being dumped off again, no matter how nice the facility is.  But how do dogs think, really?  It's a hard, sucky decision to make...and we wish you the best!


I still wish you could bring him out to our house...  :(

Aww, that is so sweet Joanna.  Thank You Joanna, I told my husband today he is coming with us and he doesn't have any problem with that as we usually do bring them with us when we go out of town.    :)

Go with that "gut feeling" Natalie...you're right and I have found when i don't ...I wish I would have!



So happy to hear your bringing Tucker with. Thats so stressful wondering what your goin to do. Tucker will sure be happy with your decision to. I couldn't imagine the looke in his eyes if you were to drop him off somewhere and your heart would surly be sad. Now you can go on your trip and be happy and relieved and the whole family together.

Yeah! I'm glad Tucker will get to take the road trip with you. Lance will get to have special bonding with his grandparents and Tucker will get to have special bonding with his family. Have a safe and fun trip.


I'm so glad he's going with you!  He'll have a blast!  Talk about making him feel special and loved....just Tucker and you and your husband!  And Lance will be spoiled rotten with the inlaws, no doubt....lol.  Have a wonderful time.  Take some pics to show us.

Good choice, Natalie!


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