Sometimes I look at my 6 month old Baxter and his from legs look so weird...

I've tried looking up how Corgi's look when they're growing up and I can't find anything.


I just want to make sure that it's normal..and that Baxter is ok...


(He never has any problems walking and it doesn't seem to be hurting him)


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Corgis have funny, lumpy knees that would be considered a fault in a long-legged dog.  Remember, they are true dwarfs and so have malformed legs.


Mine look sort of like that.   Here's another thread on the topic:

Here's some pictures of good Cardi front ends.  Pems' legs are not quite the same, but similar enough.  Notice the knobby knees on the bottom-left dog.

His legs look fine to me. I would, however, keep his nails shorter. Short nails are an important part of healthy, pain free feet.
I do keep up with his nails. They are as short as possible, his quick is that long.
If the quick is that long, it is because you are not trimming his nails often enough. A dog's quick will grow with the nails. If you can't cut regularly without hurting him, then you should take him somewhere to get the nail cut weekly until the quick recedes.
I take my girl's back to the quick every week or two and can't get them appreciably shorter than the picture.   This pup's nails are not touching the ground when sitting.  They look longer than they are because the hair on the paws is pretty short; most adults' nails are hidden quite a lot by hair.
Other than the nails, he looks perfectly normal.  Corgi feet are stubby and sometime look a bit odd, especially when they are in action.  Take a look at my Morgan's legs in this picture.  He's on the right.  Kendal is on the left.  Morgan looks like he's double-jointed!
They are perfectly normal legs for a corgi. Sometime when he's running and playing watch how fast he can turn with those legs and how they help, being a herding dog these little crooked legs help him do the job he's meant to do:)
Thank you so much!
I was worried about Noodles legs as well, so I asked his vet and they told me his legs were fine...he was just a corgi and that is how their legs look. Whew! It doesn't look right to me, but as long as his vet says his legs are fine, I'm a happy camper.

I see you are looking at the joints not the crookedness....(sp).  Puppies and young dogs go through such growth spurts that they do have times that they concern us.  As long as he is sound and travels well I would not worry about it.  If something is bothering him, he will be lame on it, or something to draw your attention to it..

Two great looking kids, enjoy them.....

Corgis have what are called chondodystrophic legs, which basically means they're dwarfed and not really  Dachshunds and Bassett Hounds too. It's also a little difficult to take blood from their front legs because the vein wraps around due to them being misshapen.  But they are the cutest little legs aren't they?!


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