We just got back from the vet--dropped Kelso and Ragnar off for their long overdue neuters. They were in high spirits--poor guys don't know what's coming . They should be back by this afternoon. Meanwhile, it's very quiet in the house and the kittens are enjoying the opportunity to play with fuzzy mice without the boys stealing and eating them. Somehow the dogs seem to love cat toys more than anything.

Anyway, send positive thoughts. I know it's routine, but anything involving anesthesia makes me nervous.

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Hope they will be ok. All of mine were. Let us know when they get home.
You made a great decision to neuter, they will be happier now and wont even miss their boys!
Thanks guys.  They're home now and are the saddest looking creatures ever--they came out of the back of the hospital with their ears at half-mast!  Got them home and tried to give them a cookie with their pain meds, just to have something on their stomachs.  I never thought I'd see the day when a corgi flat out refused to eat, but neither one of them wanted a thing.  Now they're laying around, looking drowsy.  Hopefully they'll just nap and bounce back tomorrow.
Soooo glad that they are back today. Tomorrow they should have forgotten. Hope that they are not mad for missing a day or half a day without you.
Lord, I hope they're better tomorrow.  We've had a little inter-corgi aggression.  I think it's a combination of the pain meds making them a little crazy, maybe the final surge of testosterone in the system, and just the pain itself.  We had to separate them, but they're so co-dependent, all they did was cry to be back together.  Sigh.
Feel better soon Kelso and Ragner:)
Hope they had a good nights sleep and they are ready to play today.
Are they playing as usual today? Hope they have forgotten about by now.
Yes, they seem to be back to normal in most ways today.   They've played and chased some squirrels even.  But they're just calmer and the aggression seems to be melting away.  It's so lovely to see them just hang out together, I have hope that we might be able to start buying toys again and letting them have chewies.  And they don't seem to be in pain (although it could just be the meds).  They're having a nap as I type, back to back.  Last night, they were spooning in the bed.  Before the op, Kelso would usually growl at Ragnar if he tried to get up in the bed while K was there.  It's a miracle :)


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