Hi everyone!
I have a 18 week old Pembroke tri with a tail.
I love to take him out when I go places, but every single time that I go to PetSmart or stores like that, I always hear, "what kind of dog is he?"

I'm happy to answer it because I know most people have never seen a tri corgi in real life much less one with a tail... but after I answer with "he's an undocked Pembroke", is it really nice to give me a look like I'm crazy?
He is obviously a full bred corgi, just unusually marked and he has a tail.

I went to PetSmart last week and an employee looked at him and said, "Oh! A mixed dog! He's mixed with corgi and what else...?"
I told her "no, he is full bred, just has a tail."
She stared me down and had a look in her eyes like she was having war flashbacks! Pure shock.
She nodded and gave a grimace and walked off.
I was seething!

It's incredibly irritating and I hate feeling like they think I'm stupid because they are uninformed!
He's still so young and growing into his corgi-esque looks, but if you know corgis you can tell he's a corgi.

Has anybody else experienced this?
How do you handle it?
What is the proper response to these fools?
Should I start handing out pamphlets or something?

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I get this ALL THE TIME! My boy is still a puppy and everybody always asks me "How old is that German Shepherd puppy???" I've been around dogs my entire life, including German Shepherds, and let me tell you, they look NOTHING like a corgi as a puppy. I just hate when people argue with me about what breed my dog is... I'm pretty sure I know what I own!
I do, I do! I just don't appreciate people telling me what kind of dog I own, you know?
After having PWCs for over 20 years and answering all those questions, (and loved every minute of it), I opened myself to all whole new set of questions by getting a Swedish Vallund!! Alot of you are saying "A What"? And it will go from there. My lovely Nissa is 16 weeks old, kind of a little longer legs, wolfy coloring, a stump tail that's 3 inches long, and very corgish in shape. Very smart girl and we will have a great agility and freestyle partner with my corgi Sadie. I'm gonna have so much fun, but oh, the questions I'll be getting!!
As a fluffy owner I get this reaction as well. Some people simply don't know that some corgis come with extra fur!
I tell them that it is a recessive trait that some corgis carry and when two corgis who love each other very much ( and also both carry this recessive gene) they may produce a very very special corgi that needs extra grooming!
They laugh, smile and then tell me that all corgis should be fluffies! (to which i agree *wink)

I know It gets frustrating, I've had people not believe me that she wasn't some sort of sheltie/corgi (or papillon) hybrid "designer dog". One even became angry that I wouldn't give her my breeders name, even after explaining that I adopted Roz from a rescue.
You just have to see the humor in how distressed they become after you reveal your dogs "true" identity!
I posted on another dog website forum, asking about my dog- what colors he will turn (he's turning much more red and white by the day!) and I remember that they got soooo angry that I adopted my guy from a home that simply couldn't care for him anymore. He is beautiful and sweet and deserves a good home, yet everybody got incredibly angry that he isn't from a breeder, saying he will be horrible and destroy everything and end up biting somebody... which makes no sense to me. Yet, the home who got him bought him from a good breeder. So people automatically assume ""puppy mill!" even though... no way would I support that. It's irritating. Every dog alive deserves love and a good home, even if they aren't a designer dog, and adopted pets are just as good.
Thank you for taking him in you are right...every dog deserves love and care! I find that my rescues from a puppy mill are the greatest dogs on earth(sorry Wynn!) and I believe they know they are loved now and try their darndest to be good and do appreciate their loving home. It sounds like the other sight has some opinionated people who are misinformed on this subject! He is very handsome!


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