A friend of mine from Kansas is looking for a sable pembroke with a white collar.  Do you guys know of anyone in that area?  I'm giving her info on rescues too in case she'll go for a rescue that needs a good home.  Any info would be great!

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Marnac is the only Pembroke breeder I've ever contacted in Kansas, back when I was looking for Ellie, and I received lots of great information.  Unfortunately, I would have had to fly down in order to pick the puppy up, so I didn't get a puppy from there.  Looks like right now there's an older pup that might be available, according to the site, but she would be red & white, not sable. 

Jen, there's a great rescue in MO when I was looking for a rescue after Zip died. If you want more info let me know. She was very willing to work with me from several states away. She would have actually found someone up here to help her with the home inspection and more. I decided not to only because I didn't want to have to drive the distance at the time.

Ginger's breeder is on here and recently moved from MO to KS.  Search for Wind Dial or Wind Dial Corgi's. 

Oh, oh!!  This is something I know about!  I am originally from Junction City, Kansas, and all of my family is still there!  We got Twinke from a breeder in Wamego named Julie Sylvester. Her kennel is called Jules Corgis.  Her dogs are beautiful but she doesn't seem like a real people person so don't be put off.  By the way, she has dogs out of the Marnac line so you won't have to go to Missouri if that is what you are looking for.  You can find her website by searching the kennel name.  ALSO, right up the road is the headquarters for Corgi Connection Of Kansas!  They are doing some wonderful things there by rescuing corgis all over the Midwest and fostering them until they get their forever home.  You can check them out on Facebook.  They have many adoptable dogs and are really upfront about their temperment and history.  I love them!  Good luck!


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