I have two cats, both still very young. One of the two stays inside because she's just a kitten of 7 months. I want to let her out in the spring, so that'll be soon I guess, since the weather is changing in Belgium. So I have two questions

1. How do I introduce the pups to the cats? Both are very social to us, but easily frightened by sounds and brusk movement and not familiar with dogs. 

2. When do I let my kitten out? I don't want to do it now, because in just two weeks we'll bring the pup home. I'm worrying she'll see 'the outside world' as a place where she escapes the puppy and won't come in as much. I want her to stay a kitten who's glad to be with us when we watch tv, ... So am I right to keep her inside for her to get used to the puppy? So she won't feel replaced? How long will that take? 


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We have several cats and it's not hard to get them to adjust but there are a few things you will want to do. I will answer the question later when I have more time. There is also a group for Corgis with cats....you might want to join:)

Thank you, hope you can help me 

I like the idea of the exercise pen...even in general so your pup can be in there when you can't "supervise". A crate as well has always been a "must" for me. They will work it out but I would bring them together when the pup is tired and ready to rest and let the cat come up to the pup to smell and look at. DO NOT allow any chasing but maybe sit on the floor and the cat will come near and have the pup in your lap. I have never really had any problems as long as the dog can't chase the cat...the fence helps as they can see and smell each other at 1st and both are a safe distance. When the pup is out more maybe put the  cat in another room for short periods of time so that they can both have alone time with you???? If the pup is not allowed to chase then it should be fine....eventually they will start playing and possibly chasing but in a playful manner:)

Okay thanks for the advice. 

This is a rescue of mine and a kitty...he easily learned to "be nice" to kitties....as you can see:) I introduced him the same way as a pup but had to watch him closer because he was an adult...

Jane has given you some good advice.  I have always had cats and dogs together from Irish wolfhounds to corgis.  If you have a room you can put the cat in I found that allowing them to sniff each other under the door goes a long way to get them use to each others scent.  Also if you have something...small blanket, towel, whatever...that your cats have slept on you can put that in the pup's crate and he can learn that their scent is a good thing.  Totally agree about not allowing the pup to chase the cat but they will learn to play.  Both my dogs "herd" the cats but the cats start it 95% of the time.


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