Oh no!

Poor Teddy has a broken molar. I'm not sure how he did it but it's fairly recent and of course it happens to be the largest one. He did a good job on it. Pretty much the bottom half is gone and there is a fair amount of root exposed. The vet was amazed that it didn't seem to be bothering him. I only noticed because my mom had given him a piece of candy that was stuck on his teeth and I had to get it unstuck.

He's scheduled for an extraction and cleaning on Monday. I'm still wincing at the quote (low end $700, high end $1000 and that's if it takes 4 hours to do the surgery and they have trouble removing the tooth). I called around and once again, my vet is actually the more reasonably priced. One quote was $1500 without the blood work and that was another $250 if I wanted it. 

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You have my sympathy...Max had a cracked molar removed 2 weeks ago I think it was.  But OMG on your costs!  I thought mine was bad...$520 and that was with the blood work and cleaning.  And she apologized it was so high but she had a hard time getting it out.  I can tell you that I paid no where near that much for the blood work.  How old is Teddy that he needs to have the blood work done?  My vet does it for any dog (or cat) over 6 years...Max is 12.

My vet does blood work for any animal undergoing surgery. It's a safety precaution that the founders of the clinic insist on.

They gave me a line by line quote and the most expensive item is the anesthesia. The longer the surgery, the higher the price on that. The tooth removal is $125 flat and the cleaning $105 flat, no matter how long it takes. The blood work is just over $100.

I live in a high price area (outside of Seattle) and every time I price compare vets, mine is always the more reasonable priced.

Holy Molar! I hope he feels better soon. I'm sure he will recover faster than your wallet.

That is for sure. It's certainly not slowing him down.

Interesting that they do it for all animals no matter the age.  I know the testing is to see if an older animal can handle being put under.   Some vets around here are outrageous in cost.  I've been going to mine for 34 years so his track record is pretty darn good with me.

The extra cost must be a west coast thing... I can definitely sympathize, Chewey just had to have a carnasial tooth pulled a couple weeks ago and the cost was around $900-$1000 (I'm trying to forget the exact amount).   It did include cleaning and they had to pull a molar as well, unfortunately.    When I got the estimate I called a vet friend of mine who works in another part of the SF Bay Area and she told me what their office would charge for the same procedure and it was in the same range.

Holy cow!  I'm 90 miles north of NYC and I imagine they charge those kinds of rates down there too.  I think I will stick with our plan of moving to TN when hubby retires and forget the west coast.


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