Becca was attacked while we were walking an hour or so ago. She is fine except for a scrape on one shoulder, looks like a pinch. I can't decide whether or not I need to call animal control.

The other dog is a wheaten terrier who is never totally under control and is owned by a friends mother.(Both friend and her mother live in the neighborhood) Usually I move to the other side of the street when I see them coming. Tonight we were on a busy street so I moved up onto the lawn of the same friends house. Becca was at a heeled sit beside me. The other dog got away from its owner and attacked Becca. I kept ahold of Becca's leash,  tried to step on the other dogs leash and yelled for my friend. She came and tackled her mother's dog, I was able to get Becca away. I took Becca up onto my friend porch to run my hands over her. At that point plenty of slobber no blood. The owner asked if Becca was ok, but did not apologize.

When I got Becca home I checked her over again under brighter lights. She has a scrape on her shoulder, it looks like a pinch that will bruise. I don't know whether to call animal control or just let the whole thing go. No blood was drawn. The owner of the other dog is in total denial that she can't control her dog. We see her on a regular basis on our walks. I do not want a repeat of what happened tonight. What do all of you suggest?

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If it were me, I would talk to her about it, say that if she doesn't get training classes for her dog or something and it happens again, I will call animal control, and the only reason I didn't this time is because of my connections to her.

I would include "Also, in case next time it ISN'T someone you know, who will be so forgiving, you should remember to apologize."

It really is up to you, but that is how I would handle the situation.

yes i agree talk  to her and give her a chance to make it right , but tell her no one else would do that..

I'd call and ask to see vet work to prove the dog received rabies shot, and tell them you want to see because skin was broken. I wouldn't be polite but firm. And if any grief is given then just say that if she wont cooperate you're going to call animal control. I would also consider talking to her and actively helping her go to obedience classes and if she refused, bring up animal control again.
That is a tough situation but she should of at least apologized.

Calling the "cops" on your friend's mother would definitely be hard on your friendship. Where was the dog's owner while her daughter heard the ruckus and came out of her house to help you? What is your friend's opinion of the fact that her mom is walking a dog she can't keep hold of? This is not a safe situation for the mom or the terrier. Ask your friend to let her mom know that your dog was hurt and that you will not allow it again. Tell her you will be carrying pepper spray and will use it. However, based on what I have read, pepper spray is not really a good choice; a water bottle filled with vinegar would be safer for your dog if you have to aim something at the other dog's face and miss or their faces are near one another. Both the vinegar and the surprise of water splashing their face may stop an attacking dog.

The mom was right there too, just not able to get control of the dog after she dropped the leash. My friend knows her mother can't control the dog and it scares her too. I've suggested a no pull harness to the woman. She is in total denial that there is a problem. The dog has dragged her on several occasions, this is the first attack that I know of. She keeps a bell on her dog's collar so that everyone else can hear her coming and get out of the way. It seems to be our problem not hers.

I've debated carrying pepper spray just for personal safety because I often walk alone. I might be worth mentioning to her as a possible deterrent. I somehow think she will stay in denial.

I think insisting on seeing that her dog is up to date on rabies vaccination would be a good idea. I would also tell her that you will call Animal Control if it ever happens again for the safety of others but won't this time. From now on I would pick my dog up if I encounter her or go in  different direction if possible.

I agree with Lemmy "I'd call and ask to see vet work to prove the dog received rabies shot, and tell them you want to see because skin was broken. I wouldn't be polite but firm. "


After that is taken care you can deal with the rest.

I would let it go.  Your friend and her mother need to come to terms with this situation and you have already offered advice.  I would walk elsewhere for awhile, or change the time I walk and let things sort themselves out.  You can find a loose dog anywhere, so know what you would do in that case.  Pepper spray can backfire and harm your own dog.  I find that yelling at an oncoming dog and picking up something to throw in its direction, often deters an approaching loose dog, but I go the other way if I see a loose dog at a distance.  The chances that this particular dog has rabies is indeed slim..... even if not up to date on vaccinations, I would relax about that too.

The reason I suggested asking to see the papers isn't so much about the threat of rabies, but more of hopefully being an eye opener that she needs to do something about her dog because it wasn't worse, but it could have been.

Honestly we've been charged by dogs that got away from their owner more than once: a shepherd mix just knocked his owner down, and a pit bull slipped his harness. Both times, charging and yelling the dog sent him on his way; most dogs that are dog-aggressive are not also human-aggressive.

I might gently ask my friend if her mom would like some help finding a trainer and honestly I would probably let it go too. I have looked down to find an empty leash with my own dogs once or twice.

Rabies is a non-issue if your dog is vaccinated. If it went at a person I would call animal control, but so many dogs are not really trustworthy around other dogs that I'm not sure they'd do much anyway and you may be surprised that your friend sides with Mom once authorities become involved...

I was focused on Becca asking for the sit at heel. We were looking at each other and had no warning until the dog tackled her.

I haven't called animal control. Another neighbor told me that the dog owner has bad rheumatoid arthritis, worsening the control problem. When school starts next week I will be on a set walk schedule and it should be easier to avoid them. The bell on the terrier's collar will help.

When we walked this morning Becca was fine. She spent time sniffing where the attack happened. This afternoon she was done walking as soon as she went potty. She was like "Ok, let's go back to the house now." She seemed much more unsure of herself. I didn't push it and took a shortcut back, after about 1/4 mile. How do I deal with fear issues that may pop up?


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