i want to know, what do you use to carry your things when running. either alone or with a pup. i cant seem to find what looks to be a good product that isnt too bulky or heavy to run with baden to carry just a water bottle and collapsible bowl for him.

also, if you do run with you pup, what leash do you use? i am torn because idk what would be better for him and comfortable for me. i was just running with a normal leash but the bouncing was annoying him and me

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I have something but have never used it. I will try to get a pic and info on it this weekend as I have it packed away.

thank you :)

I use this http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00JE6NPSA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o...  it is large enough to carry my phone, keys, a few dog treats, couple of poop bags, and has a extended pocket for a small water bottle without being too bulky or heavy or feel awkward around my waist.

For a leash, I have a 4 ft light weight lead that I attach to my waist.  It's short enough not to bounce but long enough so that I don't jerk her with my movements.

this was exactly what i was looking for, thank you :)

I carry nothing but a ring and maybe 1 key when I run, but a SMALL fanny pack is useful.  Stout rubber band to prevent bouncing and rattling. 

collar FAQ p.1

I've put a lot of thought into keeping the leashes as light and minimalist as possible.  The braided nylon cords I use (see link) are knottable -- big advantage -- but a flat webbing leash is safer -- beware rope burns or wraparound injuries to the dog's foot!   

Note the carabiner which clips to the nylon runner that slips over my head & shoulder (not shown) or to a belt or pack strap.  My hands are free.

Two useful knots:

clove hitch (method #2)  Make two overhand loops, superimpose them, and clip with the carabiner.  If you do it wrong, it falls apart.  Length is easily adjustable.  Unclip the biner, and the knot disappears.  Rock climbers use this knot to clip in to an anchor.

Wrist slipknot -- a magic knot to attach the leash to your wrist.   Your wrist minds the leash, but your fingers are free.  Try this; worth it:

Make an overhand loop in the leash.  Reach through it*, grab a bight in the leash (on the dog's side of the loop), and pull this bight through the overhand loop.  The bight goes around your wrist.  If you've done it right, it cinches tight on your wrist when the dog pulls; if not, it won't.

Pull your hand out of the loop, and the knot disappears.

*there are two ways to reach through this loop; the wrong way won't work.

thank you John for all the info! i too want to keep the leash and collar as light as possible. i have a harness i made my self that is light weight and has no medal except one D ring which is very small. i usually just clip his tags to the leash so they are not bouncing around on his neck and attach a collapsible water dish/ bowl to the handle of the leash, then carry my keys in my ipod holder. his new leash attaches to a bungee that absorbs shock but i think ill just wrap that around my waist since its long enough too.

once we start going even further and more trail walks down by the river im going to get a belt that carries water and has pockets for my things. then if i feel like it i can attach his leash to it

Just look here on Amazon!  I find shoulder leash is a good way to run!


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