His breeder told me he is supposed to be a black headed tri which is the color preference i prefer but ive noticed the color behind his ears are turning a slight red and some of the black on his face is losing its color. I was wondering if this is common or if hes going to be a red head? Hes already a family member forever but i was curious wheee this is going.

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Looks like BHT. They say you can tell by the inside rim of the ears.
Thank you! It was throwing me off because he has a red hue starting on the back of his ears and his superman mask is turning red on the edges.

I would guess BHT as well. Their color does spread and change a bit as they grow. My tri color cardigan has a red undertone to the back of his ears as well.

I have no clue how a tri puppy colors can change.  I just wanted to say he is adorable!

Thank you! Hes a hell demon right now though and very manipulative!!! Those keys speak many words! Hes extremely smart!!!

He's beautiful.  That's the color combination I want when I get mine.

I was looking for a black headed tri but did not expect to get him with these beautiful markings and I LOVE THEM! He's stunning! 

He is so adorable!  Welcome to puppyhood.

Haha~! Thanks! He's extremely rambunctious and seems like he'll be a trouble maker as he keeps growing!

Yup, he looks like a BHT to me. We have a little girl, Pixel who is also a BHT but has been having some strange colors lately. Her head is turning red, but her ears are also black tipped--and her black fur on her body is light colored at the roots.  She actually looks a lot like your lil guy!

Pixel is absolutely beautiful! I've noticed some of the colors darkening on his face making it look permanent but then he's also getting a reddish hue to his black fur. She looks like she does well in her collar. Charlie went nuts and hates anything on him. He will roll around and scratch at it. Goodness, I just love these markings!! I was surprised when I finally got to see him in person because his picture was blurry and my heart skipped a beat. I love black headed tris. I don't see corgi's around where I live and if I do, definitely not blackies!!! Is that another corgi puppy behind her? 

Thanks! As soon as we got her home, we put her collar on so she adjusted pretty well. Yes, that is another corgi behind her. It's her big sister, Eevee (red headed tri)--they're 5 weeks apart in age :)


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