Can I use a topical medication to sooth irritated skin around site of neuter incision?

Jon Farleigh went to town licking around his neuter site last night and now he is in a "Comfy Cone."  Anyway, he thankfully didn't open up the incision, but has managed to make the area pretty red and irritated from his licking.  It's killing me to see him in obvious discomfort and not being able to do anything about it. 

Does anyone know whether it's okay to put something on the irritated skin to give him some relief? He'll be wearing the cone at all times for a while, so there's no worry of him licking it off.


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So sorry Jon Farleigh! We have an Aussie that licked himself almost raw over his whole tummy (he is so sensitive) I had to get a "no lick" med from the vet. Since he is wearing a cone....I would put a light layer of antibiotic cream on and see if it helps:)
Does your vet have an after hours number you could call and ask? I don't think things like Neosporin are recommended for using on/near incisions.

Thanks for the responses, Janes.

I did put a little neosporin around the skin last night after reading all over the Internet about it; and unfortunately, no, there are no after hours on-call provisions at our vet.  (It is Murphy's Law that these things always seem to happen on weekends.)

Anyway, I'm pretty sure after looking at the incision site this morning that there's an infection or suture reaction because we've now got a lot of sticky discharge. :(  Other than that, he's eating, drinking and acting fine (other than annoyed at the cone and very bothered by the wound site).

I'm now deciding whether we need to go to the ER clinic. 

We have certainly learned our lesson that it's sometimes better to E-collar a dog and put up with the dog being annoyed rather than to take a chance with licking and possible infection.

So sorry Jon! I would wash the area with a gentle soap and try to keep it dry.  I can't help with the decision but good luck whatever you decide!
I would maybe call the ER clinic and see what their opinion is on waiting a day to see your regular vet. They'll probably just give you antibiotics for him, but I'm sure the ER vet isn't cheap if you take him there. It might be worth the peace of mind though! My cardi boy Luke was just neutered recently and we were given strict instructions not to get the incision wet so I personally wouldn't wash it myself.

Okay after conferring with a vet, we've been given the okay to wait until 1st thing in the a.m. to see our regular vet. Was told he'll need antibiotics (which I knew) and that it's okay to gently wash the area with a mild soap and water, but to be very careful at the incision site.  Vet thinks Jon licked off some of the tissue glue at the site, so we just need to make sure it doesn't further break down.  I suppose a clean incision is better than a dirty, goopy one.

Btw - Jon is behaving normally other than the goopy incision.

I really appreciate you both responding to me - even though I had to get a vet's opinion utlimately, it helps to have support, especially when the vet is closed!

Just wanted to update in case anyone needs advice on whether to e-collar their dog after neuter/spay surgery (even if you think your pet won't lick or chew).


We went to the vet this morning and thankfully, Jon's incision has already healed.  He does, however, have a nasty skin infection where he licked the shaved areas (all around the incision site).  If I had put the collar on him right away, this would not have happened.  Now, he gets to take antibiotics and a steriod antinflammatory, plus continue to wear the e-collar for two more weeks.   I also highly recommend the Comfy Cone e-collar (link is in my original post), but buy online; it's $10 less at Amazon than at Petco. 

How is Jon doing????
Thanks for asking :) ; he's doing really well.  His skin has cleared up nicely and he's even got peach fuzz growing all over his shaved tummy.  Still on meds until next weekend though.

I love being able to ready a post from start to finish and know the outcome and that everything is all and well. I hate waiting to find out, so I'm glad to know that everything worked out and he's all good now.


My little girl just got spayed yesterday and she freaked when the cone of shame was put on her. She fussed about it for HOURS last night, but I'm glad I stayed strong and didn't give in, cause she finally got used to it and we were both able to get a somewhat decent night's sleep. It feels good to be reassured that I'm doing the right thing. Sorry you had to learn the hard way.



Thanks, Heather.  I like to see the outcome of posts, too.  I hope little Ein is recovering well (I saw her angry face photo; so cute even with the death stare). :)
Yeah she's much better today, thanks. I posted a new picture with update here: Day After the Storm


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