Alright so our 6mo old cardigan Jachin has started to flip his full METAL waterbowl! Haha. Any solutions? Its becoming a strange habit! He only does it while my boyfriends home! Lol when im home he acts like an angel.

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Maybe he's jelous and trying to get your attention on him and away from the boyfriend?  They can be clever!

Haha possibly, but it happens when im not there!

What a stinker!  They do make slip-resistant bowls with suction cups on the bottom to help prevent flipping.  Amazon has some in pet supplies, but most suction bowls for toddlers/kids work too!  Until he figures out how to flip it again! ;)  Another possible option could be to buy a "feeding station" where the bowls are inserted into something so he can't flip them like this one: non-slip mat with bowls  Good luck!

Yes! I was looking at the stations and they seem like they would help the most! He loves this vooler weather weve been having louisiana and i think hes just upset he cant be outside all day! He really love the cold!

He is just amusing himself. I've had corgis that do this but they eventually outgrow it. You can put a towel under it. I had one corgi that could not have a water bowl with any kind of picture on the bottom because he would dig at it. What a mess! Funny dogs!

Har har! I had a dog that would do that...also around the same age, I think. It apparently is great fun for the dog. What's the weather like? Do you have a dog door? If so, consider putting the water outdoors, so at  least you don't have to clean up the kitchen floor every time you turn around.

Hereabouts, the problem was resolved when I found some HEAVY stoneware bowls at Petsmart. I haven't seen them in years, but they probably have something comparable somewhere. Look for bowls that are bulky and heavy enough that they can't easily be pushed around or tipped over.

Like this:; LOL! the thing weighs two pounds.

{Cackle!} Here's one that weighs even more: 2 1/ 2 pounds:


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