Does this exist?

What would it be? Cardibroke Welsh Corgi? Haha..

I've been wondering about this question for a while and hope someone can answer my question.

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There is a lovely cardi x pem mix on another forum I go to, and she looks extremely close to a pure bred brindle cardigan...except she's docked. I'm not sure what the breeder was thinking on that one.

This site has a cardi pem mix.  I was wondering if I could find any pics, and I did!

That mix looks a LOT like my Bartleby's mama... I'm thinking my boy must be at least a fourth cardigan, if not more. Breeders said they had AKC papers, but maybe they were for Cardigan. No wonder my pup was so cheap! Luckily he is happy, healthy, and smart and that's what matters most.

Do they know he's mixed with Cardigan for sure?  I'm not really seeing it physically.  He has a tail but lots of Pems aren't docked, especially backyard bred ones.  He does have the forelegs more commonly seen in a Cardi but my Shippo does too and he's a purebred Pem, a backyard bred Pem I might add.  I don't know what they're talking about in terms of "Cardigan character" because I haven't been around any so I don't know how different they are in that regard.  Shippo is also almost 13 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds so I think he could easily be labeled as a Cardigan-Pembroke mix if he had a tail.

Oh dang it I didn't realize this was an old post >./p>

I know this is an old post but for people still looking I figured I would share.  I have two Pembroke Cardigan crosses.  Their moms are sisters and they are 1/4 Cardi and 3/4 Pem.  I specifically bought crosses actually for a few reason.  I always liked the look of a Pembroke, but they shed A LOT and they gain weight extremely fast.  Cardigan's don't have as thick of a coat and it is actually softer.  Although they eat more food they don't gain weight as fast.  There is a breeder who has pure Pems, but occasionally breeds a few litters of crosses for people who want this kind of look...knowing it isn't a pure bred, but a corgi regardless.  After having both kinds of a corgis and crosses, I think the crosses have the best of both corgis.  But ofcourse I am bias... 

Ollie is my red merle girl and Arthur is my tri male.  He is still a pup but Ollie is now 9 months old.

My cardigan's coat is probably twice as thick and sheds twice as much as my pem's does. That sounds like a line a breeder says to keep people buying mixes for pure bred prices...

Maybe for some.  Mine weren't pure bred prices and that was just something I noticed after having both types and then my current two.  

If you're interested in it, you should google 'The Corgi Lady' and go to her site then click on 'Corgis With Color'.. The breeder is Lee English.. She loves Pems, but adores the Blue Merle coloring of Cardis, so she mixes the two for 'Blue Merle Pems'! Super cute :)

That is where I got them actually haha.  Heidi and Snoopy are Ollie's parents and Bratz and Cash are Arthurs.  She is a great lady and we live near her in Orlando so we could go back and forth every week to check on on the babies.

How amazing!!!! I would really love a Blue Merle from her! Haha :)

Here is a link to the the history of the Pembroke.  It explains their history, what part of Wales each breed came from and also explains by Pems have the docked tail.  It was not to make a difference between the 2 breeds, it was done for tax purposes.  Pems are the younger of the 2 breeds. I felt this gave the best description of the Pems and their follows everything I have read regarding the 2 breeds especially the Pem.


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