Does this exist?

What would it be? Cardibroke Welsh Corgi? Haha..

I've been wondering about this question for a while and hope someone can answer my question.

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The AKC is not the only kennel club. There are kennel clubs for Sweden and England and France and I believe Canada has their own. The precidents are set by the clubs themselves, but other clubs (not the AKC) saw them as two distinct breeds. In England I am 99% sure they were always classified as seperate breeds, they were mixed in America. But the Kennel club has only really existed for the last 100 years, maybe less. I am not sure about the history, but it would make sense for different kennel clubs to peak at eachothers requirements and breed standards. It also had a lot to do with the dogs at the time. Corgi breeders who were members of the AKC and involved in the kennel club were probably very important for setting the breed standard. It would make no sense to create a breed standard that excluded the current breeders studs and bitches.

So in short I would say that the breeds had been considered seperate for some time before the AKC decided to set the standard. The decision to combine the breeds was an error that was fixed a few years later. This was not the age of the internet, it would take regular mailings and conversations to realize the error.
Yes I am a nerd and a history major in college. There are books on the individual breed as well as the history of the AKC. If you are like me however you can get the cliffnotes version by googling and asking people randomly on the web and news articles..... I should have gone for the masters degree. LOL
I'm pretty convinced that is what Wrigley is. He has a lot of traits of both breeds. Does anyone have a picture of what this would look like? I did some research awhile back and didn't find much.
He looks like a Cardi to me, not a Pem. I'm shocked you found him at a shelter; the Cardi people are rabid about tracking down homeless dogs and springing them. His color is Cardigan, not Pem, and the face and ears are all Cardi.
I was just asking the same question in google and this came up. I believe our new guy is a cardigan and pembroke mix as well.

This is why I feel that mixes do happen. I believe that mixes are out there and I am not so sure it's on purpose either. I would believe he would have been sold as a pembroke since he has no tail.

I checked his tail it is clearly a docked tail. He is way to long to be a pembroke, very heavy a little over 30 lbs (at the moment he is malnurished). He also has more promident nose. However he has pembroke ears and has pembroke features.
He's a Pem. The body and head thing are what happens when they're not bred carefully; the head gets big and the foreface gets long, and the body gets long and big too. All dogs tend to revert to the generic if you're not careful, no matter how pure the pedigree.

It would be unusual for even a half-Cardi to have markings like he does.
You are actually correct.

Our Benjamin had his intial vet visit today. Our vet actually just said the same thing as Joanna. I asked a lot of questions about the differences and she was able to enlighten me. She also said our corgi was perfect weight, I guess I am use to overweight corgis. Irronically she just had another corgi in today as well. I can say she works with a lot of corgi's and is knowledgable about the breed.

I recant my previous post :)
Just to clear up the AKC stuff -

They were shown under one name but they really were not mixed very much at all. Nobody really thought they were the "same breed." The early breeders were very clear that they were not, and they didn't do much if any mixing of the two.

In the early decades of the AKC a lot of breeds were like that - they'd define, say, Pointers, and then sort out the various breeds within that division. That's why there are so many breeds with official names that are "Retrievers, Golden" or "Retrievers, Flat Coat" or similar. Pems and Cardis were "Welsh Corgi, Pembroke" and "Welsh Corgi, Cardigan" until just a few years ago, when the parent clubs petitioned and were allowed to change the names.
I used to know a breeder of questionable repute who had cardis and pembrokes and who had an accidental breeding of the two. She chose to dock the puppies' tails b/c she thought they looked cute with bunny butts (which I'd probably have to agree).

The puppies were very cute, since they were Corgis after all, but sort of a mixed bag of tricks. They were a little boxier than Pems and I fostered one for a short time that was VERY shy. I was hoping to bring her out of it with my three other dogs. She slunk from under the table to under the couch to under any other piece of furniture she could get under, and remained wary and aloof. The breeder had too many dogs to spend quality time with each one, so her pups were growing up under socialized. The cardi-pem mix ended up getting sick not long after I fostered her, so the breeder took her back. Wish i'd taken pics.
We know our boy is full blooded corgi, we just don't know which. We rescued him so I have no idea what he is. I figured he was a poorly bred Pem, because he is so hyper, vocal, and is getting the chest (he's only 5 months old) but he is also undocked so it's so confusing. I'm starting to think he is a Cardi and Pem mix.
Hi Libby, in response to your comment saying your corgi was poorly bred... what do you mean?, because hes hyper? , vocal and getting a "chest"? I have a 9month old i bought from a local back yard breeder , and shes much more active than my sons, who is 3yrs old, so i am interested in your comment ..
oh , shes a Pembroke and from what ive read their temperaments can vary from one extreme to antother.


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