Everyone is talking about plastic bags killing corgis... But there is something else killing just as many. I go through a helping group called corgipals to help fundraise money for corgis including Sammie who we have big vet bills to pay off. Well I have seen almost every couple weeks of corgis crossing the rainbow bridge due to treats made in china. Please be aware most of them have died from eating one de to poisoning..... Please buy treats that say USA made or treats from your local area. I know one brand that has done the most harm (wagon train) STAY AWAY. Read where it's made and if it says made in china put It back on the shelf. This is not to insult anyone it's just an on going thing.

You can find corgipals on Facebook and find there page and like it. They help corgis in need of money. My own puppy is on there. She also sales lots of fun corgi items.

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Thanks for the warning.

I'm careful what treats I get for mine.  I know one that has had several recalls and caused illness were things from Milo's Kitchen.

Watch out for the Dogswell treats, too. All made in China.

Hi Elizabeth, you are right to a certain level, if you read the FDA recall list on your right and count US product recall VS actual Chinese product recall, you'll have a different story. It is only human for us to be angry and try to find scape goats to explain the cause of tragedy , but we also need to use facts, sound judgement and not let our emotions to cloudy the truth.

You are right and I do only post about treats from china because the last three corgis to cross the rainbow bridge died after eating 1-3 wagon train or Chinese made treats. I have not looked into deaths caused by treats made in other areas then china. It would be a very interesting thing to research.


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