Does your dog show anxiety when you make changes around the house?  Gus really doesn't like it whenever I move furniture or add something new.  Even putting a large box in a corner will bug him.  He'll get used to the change in a few days but I'd like to make it easier on him if I can.

Yesterday I got a new mattress and box spring set and also got rid of my old head and foot boards.  It freaked him out a bit.  He had an accident in the living room which is very unusual.  Unless he's anxious about something, his house training is pretty solid.

I have a lot more changes planned for the house in the next couple of years.  Any suggestions for making the changes easier on Gus?


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Yes, mine do especially Wynn! I was moving some things out of the house recently and this made Wynn very nervous. All dogs also alert me to anything different in the yard such as a garbage can cover or tree branch!
When human son #3 won an academic letter from his high school, we had absolutely no idea what to do with it. We tried pinning it up on the wall. Lilli did NOT approve. She stalked it, barked, stared, barked, studied, and made absolutely sure it did not move anywhere on its own. It has since been relocated.
MIne only take to new arrangements well if they can be apart of the process =) So even if it's annoying to have them around while moving furniture or putting something together it's better than them being crazy about it later =)
That's a good idea. That must take some mystery out of where the new thing came from.
Loki doesn’t seem to mind or at least I had not noticed. Until; we had new carpet installed and he got very depressed. He didn’t want to play or anything. Chaun and I didn’t know what to think. Then Chaun tried to get him to sit on the couch with him. Loki would not jump up for anything. Then we realized it was because his blanket was missing. I was washing it because it got all dusty from the carpet just being installed. Once; I returned his blanket he was himself again. Now; I wash it only when he is going to be playing outside for a while. The blanket I’m talking about it the one in the photo that I am using for our avatar. That is his blanket and he knows it. I guess, I’m stuck with it on my couch from here on out, all because he wanted to be on the couch one day with wet feet. Silly Boy
The last stage of my home upgrade plans is getting new carpet and that's still several months away. I'm really hoping I can convince Gus not to, uh, break it in to quickly. I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk when I have it installed.
It's probably a good sign that he is so attentive and alert. One thing Madoc hates is people putting balloons on their mailbox when they are having a party. TOTAL freak-out. He will bark and then sort of skitter past them. I like the way they are attuned to the environment, so I think it might be best to introduce the novelty and let them see it doesn't bother you-- touch it and move on. It mainly shows that Gus is a smart dog who notices things. Perhaps if you "demonstrate" the novelty to him, he'll be o.k. with it.
Gus has a thing for balloons too. I was in the hospital back in July and got one of those big "Get Well Soon" mylar balloons. I brought it home with me and put it in a corner. It lasted over a month. But every time the A/C would come on, it would start moving the balloon around and that would set Gus off. He'd run right over to it and give it a good barking at. I'm pretty certain no balloon will ever sneak up on me while Gus is around.
Mine have zero tolerance for change, like their mom. ;)
Adora could careless, but rhun on the other hand will freak out if we move or add anything at ground level. If it is left for more than a day he will try to mark what ever has changed. The only way he doesn't is if he is seeing us do it. It is a pain in the back end to move furniture while you have a pup running around but what ever works.


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