changes in behavior after neutering your male corgi?

Hello! Our male 8month old corgi began to spray inside! His daddy has finally parted with the boys and is ready to neuter, or at least consider it. We are worried that his personality and energy will be affected. I'd love to hear some experience! Thanks

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Rocky was neutered at 18 months with no change in his great personality or energy level. He is the same bouncy, happy boy he was before the neuter. Neuter your dog. He doesn't need his testicles unless he is a finished champion you plan on using for breeding!

No change in energy or personality. Only thing is that if he sprays inside it will become behavioral and neutering won't solve it. But really there is no reason NOT to neuter and so many great health and behavior benefits to neuter.

Actually studies have found there aren't health benefits to neutering; it actually increases their risk for some cancers and injuries.  Spaying, yes, but you hear the whole "neutering is healthier" statement a lot without much research to back it up.  I used to always feel neutering at 6 months was best but have changed my stance after seeing the research.  

Jas, if you are worried about personality changes through neutering; chemical neutering was recently approved and should become available around May.  The testosterone production would drop by around half but would not be reduced to zero like it is through surgical castration.  The company's site:

I always give the "neutering is healthier" line because I know a lot of male dogs that have had prostate/urinary issues because they weren't fixed, and the cure was getting them fixed.

Frosty was neutered just over one year and there was absolutely no change in behavior or energy whatsoever.  Neutering does not fix spraying in the house though, just like it is not a cure for aggression or any number of other things.  The only things that neutering does is make your dog healthier and prevent unwanted puppies.

Neutering won't completely eliminate marking if it's a learned behavior, but I think that intact males are a little more inclined to mark inside, especially if there are females around.   That said, I have a neutered male who is a prolific marker!  Never in the house, but just about everything else....

There is some belief that neutering males makes them stay more puppy-like, goofy and playful.  That makes sense when one considers the effects of testosterone.  

I would say that unless your intent is to do high-level competition with your dog, there are no negative personality impacts from neutering.   If Jack were more energetic, he'd pop and he's coming up on five.  

Frankie as marking everything!!!  inside  our house at pets mart etc..  We started watching his every move and stopping the slightest hint of this behavior and had him neutered right away at about 8 or 9 months.. he hasn't done it since..

 No changes at all in his energy or personality..

Logan was just snipped on Monday!  I see no change what so ever.  Even the Cone Of Shame hasn't slowed down his destruction of our landscaping and all plush toys in his path!

I've never seen any personality change in either of my two males. It stopped Luke from peeing on EVERYTHING but other than that, no differences.

Our coonhound had no change at all, he's not a corgi but, the moment he got home you'd never know his boys were gone.
I wont add to the " it's healthier" thing, because I don't know enough about that, but it is safer in the fact it can reduce/stop roaming. If your little man gets out he wont be as interested in going to find a lady in heat to try and "take on a date".
Which obviously keeps him safer from being picked up, or hit by a car. 

im also curious on this. Our corgi is about to be 6 months next week and my gf and I have been contemplating if we want to get him neutered.

We originally wanted him neutered because some people say it fixes the spraying problem, and if done early enough, they wont do it at all. Also, he wont wonder off/run away if he smells a female in heat.

Some of the negs why we dont want him neutered is that cancer risk and him getting obese and lazy.


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