Hello everyone.

I need a little bit of help with my Charlie.
The housebreaking is doing so great he starts to get the potty bell training but we are facing one problem.

Charlie REFUSES to walk with us.
He is used to the leash because every time we are going outside for potty he is leashed. But once we pass the driveway of our house. That's it... He sits and refuse to walk. We tried treats calling his name with a long leash but there's nothing to do.

Can anyone help us?

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Have you tried using treats to encourage him? Maybe dropping treats on the ground as you walk might get him to be more excited about walking. How old is he?
We tried to the treat technique. He is 10 weeks old.
Are you by a big street of something that would scare him? Maybe just the change of environments after the driveway scares him. He is still quite young though so walks aren't exactly necessary for his age. You don't want to start walks to early because it could cause joint problems. Also try everytime he moves a little closer praise him. It might take a while but of you are patient it should work out fine!

How about if you just sit down on the sidewalk, perhaps with a toy and let him explore the area on his leash, giving him the occasional treat. Like Justlittleoldme said, a little at a time, getting him used to a new area.

I neve thought about tht. That is a good idea snickmom!

He is such a baby, I would typically spend walk time going where ever he wants to go. Eventually he will be up for an actual walk.

We used treats and it helped alot, at the beginning we also carried her a house or two down from our house and then she would walk.  Eventually we didnt have to take her down the block alittle but continued to use the treats when she would stop walking,  It took a couple weeks total, but now walking is her favorite thing.  We go 3 times a day.  I never thought she would get to this point the way it was going at first, so hang tight and be patient eventually she will enjoy it.  We didnt start walking  her until 12 weeks or so.  It took a good 2 weeks to get her used to a colar and leash.

Little baby puppies can't walk far, and are reluctant to leave home (den instinct).   Just pick him up and carry him.  Assuming he's had two sets of shots (last shot about 2 weeks ago), occasionally put him down, let him explore, then carry him somewhere else.  He'll walk soon enough.  

Also, baby puppies get sore little paw pads, til they start to toughen.  If paws are still pink then they'll get sore on rough ground in a hurry.


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